5 Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Bedroom

There is always a great need for more space no matter where you are looking in your home. From clothes, to shoes, to photographs and even collectibles there are plenty of items around the home that need more space as time goes on. Most people can’t afford to take on huge home improvement projects that double the square footage of their homes. Fortunately, you don’t need to do that in order to find more storage space.

To help combat the problem of too little space and too many things it is often necessary to start looking at creative ways to increase your home storage space–especially in your bedroom where clothes and other personal items accumulate.

One of the first things you can do to immediately increase the storage space in your bedroom is look into purchasing storage containers designed to go under the bed. These are usually plastic containers that are generally clear so you can easily look inside and see exactly where everything is. Additionally they are slim enough that they fit quite easily under virtually any size bed. If you stop and consider how much room a bed alone takes up in a room you can see there is a lot of additional space just waiting to be utilized.

Another very important consideration is the closet and clothing space that you have. Most people really do not have enough space for all of the clothes that have to be properly stored, which means that after a short period of time all of the clothes start slowly migrating towards the floor of the bedroom itself and start really taking over the small area. This is a huge problem if it is not contained quickly and needs immediate attention.

If you look at the local home improvement store, you can locate dozens of different options for adding additional space to the closet you have. Many closet storage systems are quite affordable too. From a wide variety of modular storage, you can select the shelves, drawers, and hanging racks that you need to really maximize your space and ensure you have enough storage room to fit your needs.

Dressers are a common problem in many bedrooms. Modern furniture designs lean heavily towards low and long dressers. These are awful in an area where you are crunched for storage space. Instead, adding several tall and narrow dressers with ample drawers is a better use of the space. You add much more storage this way, and you reduce the amount of space that the storage area really takes. This can allow you to fit so much into a relatively small area, and many of the narrow dressers are designed to fit into seemingly impossible spaces. This means you can take advantage of an awkward niche or nook and turn it into a great storage spot.

Bookshelves are also an essential that you need to ensure that all of your trinkets and books can stay well organized. Depending upon your individual style preferences and space requirements, you can choose either a wide bookcase or a narrow bookcase, but it is best to choose a tall unit regardless of the width. This will allow you to take advantage of vertical room and maximize your storage space for the smallest footprint in the room.

Your last major source of additional space is right beside your bed. Most people have end tables next to the bed. Take this opportunity to select styles and designs that have at least one drawer included. If there are additional drawers then you are just getting bonus space. By ensuring that you have at least one drawer per end table you are adding highly valuable space that is needed for many of the small items in your home and really maximizing your storage potential.

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