5 Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Most of the time when user doesn’t find his desired content on your website’s listing pages and categories, he tries to use the search functionality. WordPress has the basic functionality that enables user to search the desired queries in titles as well as in the content of posts, pages and archives. But, the basic functionality of WordPress is not enough if you have a good traffic or you’ve customized the site to a larger extent.

Search plugins here accompany you to provide best solution, however, finding the right plugin is still a big task. For your ease here’re the best WordPress search plugins that can fulfill your news website, an ecommerce portal or a WordPress based search engine’s complete requirements.


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    Google Custom Search Plugin

    This particular plug-in is quite famous among users. The advantageous features of Google Custom Search Plug-in, is that it easily replaces all other Wordpress search forms. This plug-in can add a new search page on the weblog, and converts the default URL into a search engine friendly. Downloads for this plug-in is found to cross the 7000 count.

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    Search Everything

    With the download count of 160,000 this plug-in is known for highlighting search pages, search terms, tags, comments and categories. To the default Wordpress Search it adds a lot of functionalities.

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    Better Search

    It provides result’s list based on significance as well as searches that are contextually relevant, it helps in improving the visitor’s experience. The download count for Better Search is over 5,000.

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    Dave’s WordPress Live Search

    By using built-in search and jQuery, Dave’s WordPress plug-in provides live search functionality. Users are able to see the result before they finish typing their query. Every page has a single search box that requires JavaScript to be enabled. On PHP 4.x this plug-in won’t work. Till now its download count is more than 4000.

  • 5


    If you are looking for a fast, reliable, Google type search then wpSearch should be your ultimate choice. It will run with good speed and devoid of any obstruction, if PHP 5 is used. Downloads for this plug-in has crossed the 3,800 count.

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