5 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

You can easily build an amazing online portfolio with the help of WordPress gallery plug-ins. But displaying an image is not a big deal but displaying them in an attractive and stylish manner is important, because the basic requirement of a modern website is fantastic display of images. An attractive website can easily attract readers.

Although it takes time, still with the help of a gallery plug-in you can easily add your own jQuery image slider plug-ins to the theme pages. Several gallery plug-ins have been developed, you can select any of your choice and make your website attractive.

In order to know the best gallery plug-in for wordpress view the list below:


  • 1

    Media Grid – WordPress Gallery for building a Responsive Portfolio

    This amazing plug-in can help you in creating an attractive portfolioon your site. The best feature of Media Grid is that it can design a portfolio for any situation and for responsive themes it can also optimize.

  • 2

    Touch Carousel

    For mobile devices Touch Carousel acts as a post content slider along with touch navigation. The touch navigation also works when you use a mouse. You can also create a layout template with the help of a templating system.

  • 3

    NextGEN WordPress Gallery

    For Wordpress, NextGEN Gallery is yet another ideal plug-in because it has several features. The main features of NextGEN WordPress Gallery mainly includes AJAX based thumbnail, Tag support for images and JavaScript Effects on images.

  • 4

    Fancy Gallery

    If you are looking for a gallery plug-in which has several new features then Fancy Gallery should be your ultimate choice. Its fantastic AJAX admin makes this plug-in more special. You can easily add images, websites to the albums and videos as well. This special plug-in allows you to add unlimited albums on your site. The generator available in the plug-in creates a code and makes your work more easy then you just have to copy and paste.

  • 5

    Dynamic Content WordPress Gallery

    The name says it all; this plug-in can create dynamic gallery of images for any type of content. The plug-in can either creates display of images by the help of image URLs in the DCG Metabox or with the help of attachments. You can add DCG as a widget or as a template tag and later on use them as your theme.

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