6 Places to Use Fabreeze that You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Fabreeze was originally marketed to take care of major odors such as smoke and pet odors, but there are a lot of other ways you can use it. Here are some ideas for places to use Fabreeze to freshen up around your home that you probably haven’t thought of!

I originally tried Fabreeze because I have pets and had a few places that needed needed freshening up because of them. But I discovered a lot of other uses for it . Here are some of my other ideas…

Furniture ~
Fabreeze can be used on any sort of cloth and unless your couch is made of leather, it is probably made of some kind of cloth. Think about your couch cushions, especially the arms where people’s skin-oils rub in when they put their arms on the arm rests. All that tends to get a little funky smelling after awhile, but there is no way to wash your whole couch. Squirt it with Fabreeze and it takes care of all those lingering odors. As the Fabreeze evaporates it just takes the odors with it. It leaves a nice scent behind instead.

Floors ~
If you have carpet, your carpet is made of fabric. All those little loops are just loops of fabric fibers just like what your clothes are made of. You can actually use Fabreeze directly on your floor. Just make sure that you don’t let children or pets walk over it while it is still wet. It can be dangerous for children and pets to be exposed to Breezeway while it is still wet. Once it dries though it is fine, it will freshen up the whole room, (so that they can come right out and walk all over it again!)

Clothes ~
The dress that you wore for just a couple hours isn’t really dirty, but it probably picked up the smells from wherever you visited. Spray it with a little Fabreeze and it completely freshens it up so you can wear it again without having to wash it.

Baby Seats and High Chairs ~
If you have a child that is still riding in a car seat you have probably discovered all sorts of things in the bottom of their seat. All their spilled juice, leaky diapers, and dropped crumbs from whatever they have been eating in the car, gets down in there and starts to smell like the bottom of a garbage can. Taking the whole seat apart every time something gets spilled on it so that you can wash it is time consuming and it puts the seat out of commission for awhile so that your child can’t ride. In between major clean ups, squirt down the seat with Fabreeze. It will take away most of those nasty odors, just be sure to let it dry completely before you put the child back in it. It works the same way for highchairs. If you have a highchair with a cloth seat or a cloth cover you can spruce it up between meals with a little Fabreeze.

Your Car ~
Unless you have leather seats, your car’s inside is made mostly from fabric. You can’t wash the inside of your car very easily, but you can spray it with Fabreeze and it will take away all those lingering odors. Especially in the summertime, your car tends to get musty because it gets hot in there. You can spray Fabreeze on your seats, floors, even on your fabric-covered side panels on your doors. It really makes a huge difference. I keep a bottle in there with us all the time now.

The Bathroom ~
You probably think there isn’t any fabric in your bathroom, so there is no good place to put Fabreeze. But your bath curtain, at least the outer one, is probably made of fabric! Unless you have a plain vinyl curtain with no outer curtain, you should be able to spray Fabreeze on your shower curtain. Bathrooms are one of the mustiest and potentially smelliest rooms in your whole house. Keep a bottle of Fabreeze on the top shelf in the bathroom and give your bathroom curtain a little squirt now and then to freshen up that room.

These are some of my ideas for places to use Fabreeze. Once you get in the habit of recognizing what things are made of fabric in your home you may even find more.

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