6 Things You Can Clean with Vodka

Are you ready to add vodka to your arsenal of homemade cleaning products? The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations identifies vodka as a distilled beverage “bottled at not less than 80° proof,” which translates into an alcohol content that equals 40 percent. When you decide to clean with vodka, you obviously should stay away from the flavored varieties. Not only do they have the potential of leaving a sticky residue, but also they are usually only about 60° proof, which greatly diminishes the cleaning power. Therefore, stock up on your favorite cheap bottom shelf jugs of the alcohol product and get cleaning! (It helps if you put the alcohol into a labeled spray bottle.)

  1. Freshen laundry between washings. The Mother Nature Network swears by its spray made from a 50-50 mix of water and vodka. Hang up the clothes, spray them with the alcohol mix and the odor-causing bacteria are eliminated.
  2. Clean houseplant leaves. If aphids are a problem, a rubdown of the leaves with a vodka-infused cotton ball — after a washing with water — can make these pests disappear, Apartment Therapy explains. Some plants cannot withstand this type of treatment. Try it out on a few leaves first.
  3. Remove mold in the shower. Spray undiluted vodka on the areas sporting the unsightly mold. Let the alcohol work on the mold for about 15 minutes and then scrub the areas with an old nailbrush. Depending on the results, be prepared to repeat the treatment.
  4. Cut through the soap scum. If your shower door is coated with soap scum, undiluted vodka sprayed on the door can cut through the scum. Apply a bit of elbow grease after letting the vodka sit for a few minutes.
  5. Clean the crystal. Get out the good glasses you usually reserve for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and polish them with a rag dipped in vodka. Before long, they will sparkle and shine.
  6. Polish the eyeglasses. Spray a bit of the alcohol on a lint free cloth and polish your glasses but do not do so if the lenses are coated with a substance that cannot handle alcohol-based products, DIY Network warns. Contact your optometrist if you are unsure. (Oh, and do not use vodka to clean contact lenses!)

Who knew that cleaning with vodka could be this simple? Just remember to carefully label any container or spray bottle that contains the alcohol. You do not want to mistake your homemade cleaning products and treat wood or sensitive surfaces with an alcohol solution.

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