6 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

You know how this story goes. You’ve known about the big party for 2 weeks now. Okay, you’ve known about it for 2 months now! You had the best intentions, plenty of time to diet, exercise, pick out that perfect outfit, and drop those last 10 pounds. And here you are, 2 days before the big bash and your worst fears have been confirmed. You didn’t diet, you didn’t exercise, and guess what? That new outfit just doesn’t fit the way you had hoped it would. What do you do, skip the party? No way! There’s still hope. Follow these 6 “emergency” tricks and have the time of your life.

1. Black is your best friend. If you’re just not ready for that new outfit, then hang it up and forget about it for now. You’ll wear it next time. You need something black and thin. Black is the most slimming color and will always be your best friend in this situation. I would suggest black pants or a black shirt and match it with other dark, slimming colors such as dark purple, dark brown, or dark blue. Another trick: If you really want to wear that new outfit you spent so much of your hard-earned cash on, simply wear a thin black sweater over it. It has the same slimming effect as a black vest. But remember, no Granny sweaters here. Try your local Fashion Bug, they carry the “flattering” cute little black sweater for about $20.00.

2. Glam it up. If you find black and other dark colors to be kind of boring, then that’s where the jewelry comes in! Gold is always best, but you can also go with the cute multi-colored sparkly bracelets and rings that are sold at most Hallmark stores. Wearing lots of jewelry at a party or event says 2 things: 1. I am rich and successful, and 2. I know I look good and jewelry makes me look better. As for necklaces, don’t go with too short of a chain, and NO CHOKER CHAINS! These tend to give the face a round and full appearance, whereas longer chains make you look tall and thin.

3. Asparagus? Asparagus is a natural diuretic and will work wonders 2-3 nights before the party. Try your best to eat one can each night (I prefer Green Giant). This will reduce puffiness in the face and any water weight you may be carrying.

4. Smile. The best way to draw attention away from any “problem areas” on the body is to draw extra attention to your smile, your teeth! Use Colgate Whitestrips or any other brand 2-3 nights before the big event. Also, try drinking all liquids through a straw, especially coffee, tea, and soda. This will help remove any stains that have been building up and will also help the whitestrips do their job more efficiently.

5. Where did you get that tan? Just as dark-colored clothing will help with a slimmer appearance, so will darker skin! A tan looks great any time of the year, and tan legs will always look thinner than white ones. That’s just a fact. If you can, hit the beach or pool a few days before, but if that’s not an option, go with tan in a bottle! I like Neutrogena the best. A word of caution, DO NOT go too dark because it will appear fake and more importantly, apply the self-tanner 8-9 hours BEFORE the party. This will give you the time to fix any blotches (use warm water to blend them in). You don’t want any tanning errors to appear a few hours (and beers) later while you’re already in front of 50 people.

6. Have Fun! That’s right. Remember, you are going to this party for you. You are attending this party to have a good time and to meet new people, NOT to impress every single person in the room. That’s not your job and that’s not what life is about. So enjoy!

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