6 Health Habits That Can Affect a Woman’s Sex Life

A healthy sex life is directly related to living a healthy life in general. In fact some of your daily activities or habits can have a great influence in your sex life. That’s somehow good news because it means the same steps you can take to improve your lifestyle might give your sexual desire a boost too. Put these factors into consideration to keep yourself as potent as possible:


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    Everyday stressors like having problems at work, or your child being sick, may be more damaging to your sex life than you think. Stress causes the release of cortisol, “the fight or flight” hormone that’s essential to the body in small doses, but in large quantities can kill the desire for sex. So it’s important to be stress free before having sex. Try to listen to music, go for a long walk, read your favorite book or have a relaxing bath.

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    Being overweight:

    Excess weight can cause problems with your hormones. It shifts the balance of your mood, energy levels, and lowers sex drive. Certain health conditions linked to obesity, like diabetes and high cholesterol, can also have an effect on your desire for sex. Plus being overweight can contribute to poor body shapes, which can leave your feelings less than sexy.

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    Eating too much Fat:

    A diet high in saturated fat not only can clog your arteries, it hinders the flow of blood to the genitals and makes it harder to, achieve an orgasm. Go for a clean heart-healthy diet that’s low in animal fats and whole milk products and focus instead on healthy fats, such as avocado’s and almonds. These foods have been found to enhance sexual functions and desire, along with oysters and dark chocolate.

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    Riding a bike:

    Exercise in general helps increase blood flow and boots energy, which helps lift your mood. But did you know the type of bike you are riding may be affecting your sex life ?Research has shown that bikes with handlebars positioned lower than the saddle were significantly associated with lower genital sensation in female cyclists.

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    Getting too little sleep:

    Ironically, choosing sleep over sex may be better for your sex life. Research shows that women who don’t get enough quality sleep have lower desire or drive for sex. So the next time you’re too tired to do it, reassure your partner that catching some good sleep will pay off for you both down the road.

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    Drinking too too much:

    While a nice glass of wine or a good stiff drink can often set the mood, too much alcohol can kill it. Not only does it make it harder to make sexual decisions or remember them, it can also decrease a hormone that leads to the production of male and female sex hormones.

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