6 Steps To Getting and Maintaining Beautiful Hands

With fashion, every part of you has to be on point, from your head to your toe and even your fingers.You can not rock the latest flashiest accessories on unattractive fingers.Besides, apart from your face, your hands are the most visible part of your body. And it is essential you be concerned about how they look.Some people are allergic to lotions or moisturizers on their skin causing their hands to look wrinkled and aged. There are so many negative factors that can create that tired, weathered or bland look on the features of the hands.

Yes, beautiful hands come based on genetics, but for those who are not naturally gifted in this area, there is hope. Please read on to know how to take care of your hands and fingers with these unbelievably simple tips.


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    Eat Right

    If you are on the heavy side, your weight can make your hands to look stubby and short, to prevent that burn calories and see your body reduce, including your fingers. Although it could be different for other people. Eating healthy foods reduce the carbohydrates intake. Some foods are good for growing nails, making your fingers longer and slender. Taking in fruits and vegetables and staying fit would help. The slimmer and healthier you are, the slender your body ratio, leading to slimmer fingers. Obese or heavy weight individuals would have stubby or fat fingers, which would look unattractive for some one who is conscious of their weight.

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    Fix Nails

    To help develop long fingers, a  useful trick to this is to fix artificial nails , the longer they are the better. Fixing long nails gives makes your hand a longer, slender look. Consider filing the false nails to narrow pencil-like shapes to heighten the effect. Another benefit here is that this helps your original nails to grow, for example; if you are one to bite your nails on the time, fixing your nails helps you prevent that, causing your nails to grow whilst its covered, also the longer it stays on you, the more accustomed you are with the nails, that even when you take them off, you don't notice. This is a trick here, it is called the false imagination. (Basically when you take the false nails off, you imagine how your hands were when you fixed the nails, and how you acted with your hands when it had artificial nails on, re-act that when you take off the nails), this will cause your nails to appear long to people, and the more you practice the less you notice your short fingers, because they won't appear short to you anymore.

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    Wear Rings

    Rings are another wonderful accessories to fashion, wearing them helps to elongate the fingers. To wear fashion rings is to beautify the hands as well as to make the hands long. Most times, we see young ladies with so much rings on each finger with fixed nails and we just want stare forever. The secret is fixing long nails in pencil like shapes and wearing different kinds of rings either at the top or bottom or the thumb or pointy finger to make your nails look good and long.

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    This is another trick to having long fingers. The kind of jobs people do tend to have an effect on how the fingers appear.For example if you are constantly typing or doing hand chores that put weight on the fingers, it is important to partake in this flexing exercise, which is done by clenching your hands in a fist and releasing them quickly, to do this one has to do it as quickly as possible.  Slowly clench and release for about 10-15 times repeatedly. You could also have someone, stretch your hands after a chore or an activity with your fingers. There are also some hand and finger exercise on the internet you could research.

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    Constantly Lubricate

    It also important to have a hand lotion cream or oil with you to rub at intervals when you are outside the house to prevent dry, rough looking hands. For best effect, occasionally dip your hands in slightly warm water, to soften the skin of your hands. Then rub your hands gently with a soft moist towel and immediately apply hand lotions.

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    Regular Manicure

    Do not forget to get your hands regularly treated by a trained professional. By paying attention to your nails, cuticles and other areas you can have amazing hands. Besides ladies, who can really turn down a great nail polish.

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    With these practiced techniques and exercises, you are well on your way to getting those stunning hands you always thought were beyond your reach.

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