7 Tips on How to Reduce Air Polution

Do you know nowadays air pollution inside the modernistic home can be more risky compared to the level outside.Now people usually spend their time more inside than outside.So,it not a surprise that Sick Building syndrome has become a new byword in the English Language.Contrary to outside,the air inside recycle more often with pollutant substance such as smoke from cigarette,pollen,dust and fur from your own pet will result you to get sickness like asthma and allergy problem. Another symptoms of sick building are dizziness,headaches,sore throat,stuffy nose,fidgety or watery eyes,nausea,and hard to focus on your work.Certain contiguous affect are same to those from illness or other viral diseases,then it is so hard to determine if the symptoms are cam from exposure to inside air pollution or other contagion.Whenever you acknowledge that symptoms decreases or vanish when you are outside,this means that the air inside your home are contagious.If that happen,there are many thing that you can do to eliminate the possible cause so that you can breathe peacefully.

1. Never smoke inside the Home
Ideally, you had better banish smoking anyplace inside the home but if this isn’t possible,attempt to do it at one place only. On the other hand,if any of our friends or family that are visiting to our house,ask them to smoke at kitchen area or backyard garden if they want to smoke. In the kitchen, while they are smoking,switch on an extractor fan drives so that the smoke from the cigarette are going outside with cooking odors.

2. Air out On a Regular Basis.
Atmospheric condition allowing you to open some windows and doors in order to reduce the densities of pollutants inside while allowing outside air to come in.

3. Using Natural House Cleaning Products.
Use any one of those so-called wonder kitchen cleansers from your closet and someplace on the label will be a warning as to show you how much dangerous they are to your health.Besides that,whenever you want to use the product,fumes from whatever is in the bottle released into the air so that easier for you to breathe in. Personally,i have taken environmentally friendly way to clean my house. Using bicarbonate of soda,washing soda crystals,white vinegar and pure lemon juice are good cleanser and apart from that they do not release any toxic fumes.

4. Keep your House Tidy and Free from Dust.
Vacuuming your carpets and floor regularly will help you to keep dust and airborne allergens at bay.Approximately 70% of all household dust come from dead skin,which we human shed day in and day out time. Debris mites love to eat on this dead skin,which later on makes them grow. After that,they shed their skin and mixed with their fecal matter is what causes allergic reaction to human.

5.Pet Dander
If you have many pet at your house,they will shed their fur that can cause allergies and asthma attacks. If ypu think that you or your family member maybe allergic yo your family pets,you must take an action. The best way is to keep your pets out of your family member completely. Besides that, you must forbid the number of rooms that the pets are allowed to go in and out. Importantly, keep your pets away from your bedroom.

6. Decrease Inside Air Humidity
If the weather where you live in now are extremely hot or just plain damp,you will not even think how much moisture levels inside your house can in increase.This inordinate wet or humidity is the ideal breeding spots for mold. For some people with allergies, mold spores can cause many sickness as airborne dust. To solve this problem, a dehumidifier can be use. Dehumidifier are use to draw dampness from the air into a water tank,which you are able to remove and pour away.

7. Get an Indoor Air Purifier.
House air purifier or room air filter can clean the air pollutants and allergens likes mold spores,pollen,cigarette smoke and pet dander.They are peculiarly effective way for a family who suffer from allergic symptom and asthma because they make inside air more good for you and cleaner.

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