7 War Heroes You Probably Never Heard Of

When it comes to wars, there are several sacrifices which need to be made. War heroes are certain people who tend to sacrifice the most whenever their country is fighting against its enemies. War heroes such as Paul Revere are probably known to everyone. However, there are still people, who exist through time; who have managed to accomplish a lot during wars but they are still not known by many of us.

Here is a list of a few war heroes who have managed to take full responsibility during the time their country needed them the most. However, they are still not recognized. Scroll down and read about them and you will be amazed how people can stretch themselves to this extent.


  • 1

    Dmitry Donskoy

    He reigned as the Prince of Moscow between 1359 and 1389. He openly challenged the authority of Mongols in Russia. He won against the Tatars and he is still revered as a Saint in the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • 2

    Billy Bishop

    He was Canada’s greatest air ace who served during World War I. His record is to shoot down 72 planes, which is only second to Red Baron.

  • 3

    White Vision

    This is an animal war hero. This pigeon served throughout World War II and was responsible for delivering information regarding the location of a crashed British plane. It managed to save 11 lives.

  • 4

    Tommy Prince

    He is probably the most decorated war veteran in the history of Canada and he served during World War II. He was a superb marksman with tracking skills.

  • 5

    Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen

    No one has ever heard this name. He was a German fighter pilot who served the Imperial German Army Air Service. He was considered to be the top ace of World War I. he has had 80 air combat victories but eventually he was shot down and killed near Amiens. People know him as Red Baron.

  • 6

    Muhammad Mahmood Alam

    Air Commodore Mohammad Mahmood Alam was a Pakistani hero during the time they were involved in a war with India in 1965. He was shot down five Indian war planes under a minute. The first four were taken down in only 30 seconds. He has a combat record of taking down 9 war planes in a single flight.

  • 7

    Second Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu

    He was the second lieutenant in the Indian Army. They were ambushed during the Sri Lankan war. He managed to kill several assailants through his assault rifle.

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