7 Weirdest Animals in the World

There is no doubt that not all animals are as cuddly as they seem. In fact, some of them are dangerous and others are quite weird looking to say the least. If you ever get the time to scroll through the different beings which are a part of the wild life, you will see how certain animals are extremely different and you will wonder how they survive with the way they look and don’t have certain organs.

Here is a list of animals which are extremely weird looking. In fact, they are all unique in their own special way. Scroll down and be amazed about how you did not know about some of these animals.


  • 1

    Sphynx Cat

    This is the weirdest cat breed which the humans have seen so far. It grows absolutely no hair, which makes the skin appear extremely thick. If you plan on owning one of these cats, extra care needs to be done since you have to make sure they don’t get sunburnt.

  • 2

    Hairy Frogfish

    This particular fish walks like a frog but looks like a fish with hair grown on top of it. It can also mimic the behaviour of a marine worm.

    frog fish
  • 3


    Not many people know about this particular animal. It has a really distinct nose with an over-grown mouth. Recently it has become extremely endangered.

  • 4

    Naked Neck Chicken

    Imagine a chicken with feathers everywhere except its neck.

    naked neck
  • 5


    Once you see it you will ask yourself, is that a crocodile? But the mouth is extremely different and longer than that of an alligator. This is mostly found in Northern India. It’s a specie which works exactly like a crocodile but it actually lives most of its life under water.

  • 6


    It is one of the largest breeds of dogs. The white curly hair resembles dreadlocks and even though people believe that the locks might shed some hair, they don’t.

  • 7


    It resides in the deep waters of Australia. Since they have adapted to live in extreme pressures and have less amount of muscles, they shape like mud. Anything edible that floats past them can be eaten by them with a lot of ease.

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