8 Silver Cleaning Tips: From Start to Finish

Cleaning your silver may seem like a major task. With special care and these tips, you will find that it is easier than you think.

Silver Cleaning Tips:

#1 Before cleaning your silver pieces, dust your collection before cleaning. Dust can be abrasive and scratch your silver’s finish if it is not removed before cleaning. Use a soft-bristled brush or a clean cotton cloth to dust your silver pieces.

#2 Do not use your dishwasher for washing your silver pieces. They contain a mixture of harsh detergents that will damage your silver. Another reason for not using a dishwasher is that the temperatures used are much too high for silver to endure.

#3 Hand wash your silver pieces immediately after usage. Use hot mild soapy water for washing and do not use latex gloves. Rinse your silver in hot clean water and quickly dry them. By washing your pieces this way, you will prevent your silver from spotting.

#4 Using household materials for removing the tarnish from your silver is always the best way to go and cheaper. There are a number of homemade cleaners made from simple household items.

One common way is the aluminum foil method, which is fast and works well. You can also substitute foil for a water softener such as Calgon. Place a sheet of aluminum foil in a pan and pour 2-3 inches of on top of it. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Let this mixture come to a boil. After the water is boiled add your silver piece, making sure your piece is entirely covered by water. Boil for 2-3 minutes more. Then rinse, dry, and rub with a soft cloth. This method works especially well with cutlery and trays.

#5 It is recommended that a commercial polish to be used only when attempts to clean your silver with household cleaner’s fail. There are huge assortments for commercial silver polish at your local grocery or hardware store. With so many choices for commercial polishes it is easy to get confused to which one is the best. Choose a commercial cleaner that is less abrasive.

#6 When polishing your silver, stop when your piece is shiny. There will be some residue on your cleaning cloth. Rubbing your piece too much will cause damage to your silver’s finish.

#7 If you are having a hard time removing the candle from your candlestick, do not use a knife or any other sharp object. Instead, pour a little hot water onto
your candlestick and let it sit. Timing can vary, so gently pull your candlestick for its release.

#8 Before placing your silver pieces back into their storage area, you would want to wear white cotton gloves. This ensures your pieces will be free from oil and salt that can be found on your skin. If you do own white cotton gloves, you can use a clean cloth instead. Just make sure your silver does not come into contact with your skin.

Now you can safely store away your silver collection. For added protection, be sure to read on how to store and care for your beautiful silver pieces. By applying all suggestions, your silver can be use for many generations to come.

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