A Cheap Way to Make Cleaning Wipes

Each time you go shopping it is easy to see the price of items adding up. The cost of cleaning supplies is really increasing. What is a person to do? Making your own cleaning wipes is a great way to stretch your cleaning supplies longer. Stretching your cleaning supplies will cut down on trips to your local super market. The few trips you have to make the more gas you will save. You will be in a win win situation.

Not only will you save money, you will save time on cleaning. Cleaning is easier and faster with cleaning wipes. Tidy up your house in minutes with cleaning wipes and spend your extra time doing something that you really want to do. Time is precious and it seems like we never have enough of it to go around. Make extra time by spending less on cleaning up.

I am talking about making wipes for windows, furniture, toilets and counter tops. Making cleaning wipes is easy and fast. When you make wipes you end up using a lesser amount of cleaning supplies. You will need to buy your regular cleaning supplies, a roll of paper towels and a zipper seal lock bag. Let’s start with window wipes. Have a bottle of window cleaner, a roll of paper towels and a gallon size zipper seal lock bag. Take a roll of paper towels and unroll them from the card board paper towel holder than rewrap the paper towels without the holder. Place the paper towels in the zipper seal lock bag and pour about a cup of window cleaning into the bag. Try to dampen the paper towels with the cleaner but do not over do it. Making them to damp will only waste the cleaner and cause a mess. When you are done adding the cleaner to the wipes pull one off and clean up your mirrors and windows with one quick swipe. Your wipe will be able to be re-used on several windows. Simply toss the cleaning wipe and you are done with the windows and mirrors in just minutes.

Make different cleaning wipes such as furniture polish using liquid furniture cleaning polish. Toilet wipes using liquid bathroom cleaning solution. Counter tops can be cleaned with some type counter cleaner. My favorite is the toilet wipes since my little boys seem to miss sometimes. I simply grab a toilet wipe and wash around the rim this leaves my bathroom fresh and clean.

Clearly mark the zipper seal lock bag with a permanent marker so you can display which cleaning wipe is the one you need.

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