A Day in the Life of a Housekeeper

I have been a housekeeper for a hotel for three days now and one thing that I have learned is how much you can really find out about someone just by cleaning their rooms. I begin to imagine the people who’s room I am cleaning. Where they work, what they look like, how clean they are, if they have any pets. Most of it is my active imagination kicking in, but one thing you can tell about someone is how clean they are.

The first give away is the bed. If they attempted to make the bed for me, then I know the room isn’t going to be that bad. Those that leave the bed how they woke up in them tend to be the messiest people, and those that actually help by removing the sheets usually turn out to be the easiest rooms. That’s a tip for any of you who are going to stay in a hotel sometime soon; don’t try to make the bed yourself. If it were truly that easy to make the bed, I wouldn’t be breaking a sweat for the fifteen minutes that I spend on each bed. If you want to help, take all the sheets off for us.

Furthermore, in the bathroom, sometimes the worse spot to clean, usually tells me what the person looks like. Sometimes their mannerisms, like when I find a moth under the trashcan, it tells me that they’re picky. We have a lot of moths, and the picky people actually bother to get rid of them. Finding a moth under the trashcan is rewarding to me because then I know the bathroom won’t be too messy.

Then there are the people who are hairy. Hairy people are the worst. When I see that a man has left all of his facial hair on the sink, I dread the toilet seat. The seat never fails to have a load of pubic hairs underneath it. So another tip to those of you who plan on staying in a hotel and shaving in it, please make sure you’ve gotten all the hair. It’s disgusting and by this time I know that the shower’s going to have even more hair.

It’s funny how much people leave in a room when they think that they’ve cleaned it before checking out. Moral of the story, pay attention to what you’re doing in your hotel room and do a better job at hiding the embarassing evidence about yourself that you left behind. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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