A Desperate Housewives Quiz; How Well Do You Know the Residents of Wisteria Lane?


1. What is the name of the fictional town that the neighbors live in?

2. What was Mary Alice Young’s name when she kidnapped her son?

3. Who killed Rex?

4. What are the names of Betty Applewhite’s 2 sons?

5. Why does Tom frequently go to Atlantic City?

6. After Gabby tells Carlos he can have a one-time affair, who does Carlos hit on?

7. After the first season which leading acress wasn’t nominated for an Emmy?

8. Which character is modeled after creator Marc Cherry’s own mother?

9. Name any of the three “safe” words Bree and Rex suggested they use while engaging in domination.

10. What is Susan’s profession?

11. When Susan and Karl re-marry for insurance purposes, Karl suggests Susan use her old wedding ring. She doesn’t have it, why?

12. What is the name of the older neighboor that sometimes babysits Lynette’s kids?

13. What is the name of the baby Gabby and Carlos steal in season 2?

14. What item did Susan leave in Edie’s house that was found after it burnt down?

15. How did Mary Alice kill herself?

16. What item of Martha Huber’s was found in Mike’s garage?

17. What was Mary Alice’s big secret?

18. Who did Andrew run over?

19. Brenda Strong and Marcia Cross have both appeared on the same WB show, what was it?

20. What does Lynette get addicted to?


1. Fairview
2. Angela Forrest
3. George Williams, the pharmacist
4. Matthew and Caleb
5. To visit a daughter from a previous relationship
6. Lynette
7. Eva Longoria
8. Bree
9. Philadelphia, Boise, Palestine
10. Children’s book illustrator
11. She threw it out the car window the night Karl left her
12. Mrs. McCluskey
13. Lily
14. Measuring cup
15. Gunshot
16. Bracelet
17. She killed Deirdre, Zach’s birth mom
18. Carlos’ mom
19. Everwood
20. Her sons’ ADD medicine

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