A Fake Bake Junkie’s Review of Jet Tan Airbrush Tanning

As a “fake bake” addict, I relied on my healthy golden glow to define me, to make me feel young and beautiful, and as my personal “alone time” each and every day. When I was diagnosed with Lupus and strictly forbidden from anymore trips to the tanning salon, my world seemed to melt around me. Shallow, I know… But at 19 years old, I had finally outgrown my “ugly duckling” phase and had actually felt beautiful with this new golden glow. Desperate to maintain my rich, golden tone; I set out in search of the perfect alternative. I have tried everything from bargain brand self tanners to the top of the line products, and as ashamed as I am for being fooled, have even tried the tanning pills. After years of weekly product experimentations, the salon began offering the Mystic spray tan. Finally I had thought. Less effort, more realistic, and a lower chance for mistakes. Boy was I wrong. I was less than thrilled with the next generation of miracle tans and continued to slather those smelly, messy creams and lotions onto my body every couple of days.

On one particularly moody day as I moaned and groaned, fed up with the dramas involved in self tanning lotions, I could hear a voice echoing from the television set. It almost seemed to be talking directly to me…”Are you tired of messy lotions that stain your hands, and leave you streaky or orange? Are you tired of spending a fortune in costly salon appointments? Of standing in a cloud of spray? Or damaging your skin with unhealthy UV rays? I stood there entranced, nodding my head hypnotized as I peered around the corner to see a pale woman with what resembled a blow dryer. As she hovered the tool over her body I watched her skin miraculously go from creamy pale to a beautiful and realistic golden brown in an instant and with such ease. Before I had even finished applying my messy self tanning cream, I literally ran for the computer to look into this new Jet Tan airbrush tanning product. I was amazed and decided that I absolutely must try it, but didn’t want to spend $60.00 on a product that had a good chance of not being what I was expecting. After searching for product reviews from real people, not paid actors and bargain shopping, I found HSN( Home Shopping Network) and ebay to have the best bargains. After a few days I had finally decided to take the plunge and purchased the complete Jet Tan system on ebay for $30.00 which included shipping and insurance. When my Jet Tan system arrived, I immediately stopped what I had been doing to shower, exfoliate, and tan. I felt a little like a car that was in the body shop getting a new paint job(Uh Oh, Better Get Maco!), but I was amazed by how realistic looking the tan was. The color was not only beautiful, but the even tone and ease of use was new to me. It took very little time or effort and for the first time in years I was able to tan my hands and feet in a way that still appeared natural. Anyone that uses self tanners know that to make the tops of your hands and feet tan and natural looking is difficult, if not impossible with creams and lotions, but with Jet Tan I didn’t have to hide my feet in sneakers and could actually wear sandals without embaressment. I was hooked… At least for the moment I was.

The best way to build up to a dark, yet natural looking tan is to apply the product every other day until you have reached your personal “perfect color” so after my first application and complete satisfaction, I cleaned out my airbrush tool as the directions said to and decided to go for application number two after skipping a day. As I loaded up my Jet tan tool with the airbrush solution and pulled the trigger I heard a sputter and a spit and felt a cool air float across my skin, but no color. I pressed my finger against the opening to build up pressure in the line and tried again. This time I watched again as I magically transformed my calf into that of a dark, golden beach dweller. Phew, I thought… Just a momentary scare. I continued up my leg, still hypnotized and in love with my newfound product when it began to sputter and spit again. This time a simple trick didn’t work and I began to see bubbles forming in the solution. It was just like our kids when they decide to blow bubbles into their milk rather than drink from the straw. Here I stood now, in awe and upset with only a quarter of my body a deep bronze. I tried everything to get it going again, followed all of the directions, and watched the instructional dvd once again, but got nowhere. Finally fed up I decided to take the tool apart and fix it myself. Upon opening the gadget I could see no reason for the clog or reversal of spray, but can say that the airbrush gun is the cheapest, simplest thing I have ever seen. Although that fact is evident upon first glance, it becomes more obvious after looking into the “motor” of the machine. I truly felt my child could have built it. I did somehow, by pure magic get the tool working again. How? I really don’t know, but hey it was working again so I was content to have an all over bronze once again.

My review and best advice though is this.. The Jet Tan solution is the best, most realistic looking color I have found yet, and applying by means of airbrushing is the most incredible and real final look I have ever seen, but skip out on the Jet Tan tanning tool unless you are able to find it at an incredibly low price. I do still use the Jet Tan solution, but have given up on the tool itself. I have instead found portable and professional airbrush tools being sold for as low as $50.00 and am getting ready to order one. Although this may seem silly to some, to the rest of us who are determined to have a beautiful tan and have spent a fortune trying to find the perfect one, it’s a relief to finally stop searching.

The best prices I have found for this product as of January 18, 2006 are ….

HSN.com – Although the Home Shopping Network does not offer the airbrush tool, they do offer the solution, barrier cream(to keep your palms from becoming discolored), exfoliating cream, and facial bronzer at great prices.
A Jet Tan Refill Kit or Tanning Trio is only $16.95

8 oz. Jet Tan Instant Airbrush Tanning Solution – this self-tanner gives you color in two ways. First, with an instant bronzer that dries in 5-10 minutes and is visible the moment you apply the product. Next, with a self-tanning ingredient that reacts with the amino acids in your skin to develop a gorgeous natural tan in about 3-4 hours

2 oz. Jet Tan Instant Tanner and Bronzer For The Face – designed specifically to instantly give the face a golden bronze look in seconds and a self-tan that develops in about 3-4 hours. The beauty of this self-tanner is that it allows you to see where and how it is applied, which prevents streaking and gives instant color

1 oz. Barrier Cream – the answer to extra browning in areas that tend to attract too much color during the airbrush tanning process, such as the cuticles, nails, knees, elbows, palms of hands and soles of feet. Simply apply a thin layer of the Barrier Cream to these areas prior to airbrush tanning

And on ebay Jet Tan products can be found at the lowest possible prices I have seen yet, but as would be expected with an auction site, it can be a hit or miss as too whether Jet Tan can even be found on ebay at any given time. If you are interested in trying Jet Tan Airbrush products, but don’t want to spend tons of money trying it out, keep your eyes peeled for the occasional on ebay. Upon my last search just moments ago, there was a complete Jet Tan system listed on ebay for the current bid of $15.00. I would definitely love any and/ or all feedback, hints, tips and tricks readers have pertaining to self tanning or Jet Tan. Good Luck and Happy Tanning.

Links to product information and purchasing

HSN home page or HSN Jet Tanning product page

Jet Tan’s Official Page

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