A Favorite Time and Place

Often, as I get up in the morning on Saturdays, I will find my wife in the Living Room, sitting in her grandmother’s old chair, quietly reading a good book. The sun has just risen, and its warm rays are peeking over the mountain tops. These fresh, warm rays of sunshine filter gently through the window pane, spilling softly over her shoulders, warming her like a home made shawl. It is my wife’s favorite time of day and her favorite place to be.

There is a lot to be said about that. One’s favorite time of day and one’s favorite place to be.

Think about it a moment. What times in your life produce the greatest peace and fulfillment? What places give you the greatest degree of inspiration and comfort? Search your feelings. What have been the sources of your greatest happiness?

Discover those events. Find those places. Learn the sources you can turn to as an escape from your daily tasks and challenges. Look forward to those opportunities of personal escape.

We all need to get away, occasionally. We all need to rejuvenate our mind and refresh our soul. It can be with an out-of-town escape, or something as simple as a chair by the window at sunrise, immersed in a marvelous book!

Take time for renewal. Take time for yourself.

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