A Guide for Women Toward the Truth About Self-Worth and Sex

I know that this is probably a strange topic, but I feel that it needs to be addressed. Women need to learn to value and love ourself. I know that it may be difficult at times to love ourself and actually feel like we deserve to be loved and treated the proper right way with respect.

We need to realize that are worth allot in this world. We deserve the best.

When sex ends do we feel worthless afterwards?

I’m sure allot of us women feel worthless after sex. Allot of it may be our insecurities within ourself or it is because we are with the wrong person. Perhaps deep down inside you feel that perhaps your boyfriend will marry you therefore you are in a dead end relationship.

You stay because of the sex even though it might make you feel worthless. Its a cycle that repeats itself til we learn that we deserve something better.

Do we feel used?

I think that deep inside we know when someone has just used us for sex. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it , but It does indeed hurts when someone just used us. Sex before marriage degrades us inside emotionally and this is why we shouldn’t have sex unless we are married.

Someone who has sex with you before marriage doesn’t really care about you nor respect you. If the individual truely loves you then he would at least marry you first.

If he has sex with you, but yet refuses to put a wedding ring around your finger then you can figure out the words he is saying about you in silence just without telling you. He thinks that you aren’t worth his time to marry you so therefore there is no point for you to stay with someone who won’t marry you. It is a waste of time.

Why would you want to waste time on someone that doesn’t love you enough to marry you? You are worth more than that.

Do you feel like that sex is all we are worth?

You are worth more than sex. You aren’t worthless. People are humans with feelings and people deserve to be loved to the fullest extent possible.

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