A Guide on How to Talk to Your Daughter About Dating

Some parents might feel uncomfortable talking to their daughter about dating. It might make your daughter feel uncomfortable sometimes talking to dad or mom about it. Your daughter might be embarrassed to talk to you about a certain guy that she might like. Here are five important issues to talk to your daughter about dating.

1. Talk to her about manners. Let her know what manners are appropriate during a date. Let her know that she needs to say please and thank you to the guy. Another thing is to let her know how he should be treating her such as opening doors for her and pushing the chair in for her.

2. Warn her about how some males only want to have sex. Tell her about how some men will say anything to get sex. Let her know that some males might try to pressure her into having sex before she is ready. Tell her that she shouldn’t have sex with someone before marriage. Tell her about the risks of pregnancy by having unprotected sex and other risks such as diseases.

3. Tell her the signs of a bad boyfriend or date. Let her know that she can talk to you about anything. Let her know that she needs to be able to recognize the signs of someone that isn’t good for her. Tell her that she has every right to end a date or relationship at any time.

4. Tell her that she should always keep some extra money in her purse just in case she ever needs it. Let her know that she can always call you or someone else parents to get her out of trouble if her date doesn’t treat her right. Make sure that your daughter has a cell phone too just in case.

5. Warn your daughter about how she shouldn’t date people that use drugs or sell drugs. Explain to her that reasons illegal drugs are bad and the risks associated with it. Make sure to tell her that HIV can be passed through needles when people do illegal drugs too.

It may be uncomfortable at first talking to your daughter about these type of things. The more you talk about it then the more comfortable your daughter will feel talking to you. It is a good idea to let your daughter know that she can talk to you about anything regarding dating and males. Make sure that your daughter has a curfew time to be home by a certain time when she is out on dates. Make sure that she does wear appropriate clothes on a date too.

Talk to her to let her know that you would like to know where she is going to on a date and make sure that she lets you know the name of the guy that she is going out with. It might be extreme, but perhaps doing a criminal background check is a good idea just to be safe. Another thing to also make sure to get the males phone number and a description of the vehicle that he is driving. Make sure to write down the license plate number since it is better to be safe.

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