A Guide to Chatroom Safety for Your Innocent Child

The internet can be a dangerous place if it is not used properly. Many kids have been raped, killed, kidnapped, and tortured through online meetings leading to real life meetings. Psychos are out there everyday, all day long waiting to take advantage of an innocent child. These people know what they are doing. We as parents must step up and protect our children. Though we can not watch them every minute of the day, we should do everything in our power to protect them as much as we can. Sit down and talk to your children about the internet. Explain to them how to be safe. Use some of the tips below to protect your child from online psychos.

Only allow your child to go into monitored chatrooms.

Supervise your child’s activity in chatrooms.

Talk to your child and tell him or her to never give out their personal information to anyone.

Place your computer in a room where you can easily monitor your child.

Talk to your child on a regular basis about their online friends and activities.

Talk to your child and let him or her know not to fill out profiles. Profiles seem to attract the low lives.

Let your kid know to never agree to meet a stranger in person, even if they have talked online for six months, a year, etc.

Tell your child to always use a nickname that doesn’t give anything personal away about him or her.

Tell your child to never accept a request to enter private chatrooms

Talk to your child and let him or her know that if at anytime they feel uncomfortable, they should immediately close the chat window.

Let your child know that they should never send pictures of them over the internet.

Chatrooms are very popular amongst kids and adults, but safety needs to come first. You never can be to careful and you never know who’s sitting behind their desk waiting for your child to log on. Kids are sometimes sneaky about chatting. Kids use shorthand terms to communicate with their friends the same way we do. It is important for you to know what your kids are saying. I have researched the kids chat lingo and found some that I want to share with you. Below I have listed them for you.

Abbreviation – Meaning

404 – I haven’t a clue
ADN – Any day now
ASL or A/S/L – Age/sex/location?
BEG – Big evil grin
BF – Boyfriend
BIBO – Beer in, beer out
BIOYIOP – Blow it out your I/O port
CRBT – Crying real big tears
DLTBBB – Don’t let the bed bugs bite
DOM – Dirty old man
FTBOMY – From the bottom of my heart
GF – Girlfriend
H&K – Hug and kiss
ILU or ILY – I love you
IWALU – I will always love you
KOTC – Kiss on the cheek
LDR – Long-distance relationship
OLL – Online love
PAW – Parents are watching
SUAKM – Shut up and kiss me
SWAK – Sealed with a kiss
YBS – You’ll be sorry
P911 – My parents are in the room (watch what you’re saying)
POS – Parents Over Shoulder
TRDMF – Tears Rolling Down My Face

These are just a few slangs our kids use. There are many more, but these I hope will help you out some. From one mother to another, keep your eyes open wide when your kids are in the cyber world. I am not saying any ones child is doing anything wrong, I’m just simply trying to help you protect your kids from all the losers in the world that prey upon our precious children.

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