A Guide to Income Tax Preparers in St. Paul, MN

Note: Before you hire anyone to prepare your taxes, a good question to ask is whether they will represent you to the tax agency if there are any questions or problems with any returns they file on your behalf. Also Renters, don’t forget! No matter whether you decide to do your own taxes, or have a tax preparer do the accounting and file everything for you:

If you rent the property you live in, check on your eligibility for renter’s credit. You may be able to get back a percentage, through your tax returns, of what you paid for rent. An interesting article that explains how this works, written by Molly Priesmeyer and entitled “Gov: Like Those Renters’ Rebates?” is at the City Pages site. Go to http://www.citypages.com/databank/26/1265/article13012.asp

Alphabetically listed below are tax preparation and filing companies throughout St. Paul (other than ones in the suburbs or “chain firms”) that prepare and file both personal and business tax returns.

The best news is, by going to a tax preparer, you won’t be among the throngs of taxpayers standing in line at the Post Office on April 15th. Although I can’t recommend any specific one, I must admit I appreciate the tagline for Moh’s Tax Service on Ford Parkway: “We work for you, not the IRS.”

All area codes are 651, except theirs.

ABC Tax & Accounting, 276 Snelling Ave. N. 644-4653

Accurate Tax & Accounting, 750 E. 7 St. 772-2217

Alpha Diversified Services, 849 University Ave. W., Suite 801 209-1370

Amare Berhie and Associates, 2233 University Ave. W. 603-7177

Ark Accounting, 1138 Rice St. 489-5314

Asian American Tax Services, 501 N. Dale St. 665-0366

Aunan, John R. Tax Services,2576 7th Ave. E. 770-5979

Berger, Warren, Ltd., 428 Northland Ave. 439-0122

Bower Accounting & Tax, Inc., 1608 Como Ave. 641-1201

Brodtmann & Associates, 992 Front Ave. 488-8785

Carolyn Pozzini Tax Service, E.A., 5677 Geneva Ave. N. 777-8300

Comprehensive Business Services, 1821 University Ave. W., Suite S-339 642-1331

Correcaminos Tax Service, 174 Cesar Chavez St. 224-1281

Cumpston & Associates, 380 E. Lafayette Frontage Rd., Suite 110 227-2333

Cusick Acct. Solutions, Inc., 903 Iroquios Ave. 739-1003

D. J. Tax Service, 1721 Old Hudson Rd. 731-2012

DuQuette’s Tax & Acct. Service, 2353 Rice St., Suite 135 638-0821

E L M Tax Service, 907 W. 7th St. 227-0189

Flesher Anderson & Flesher, 742 Snelling Ave. N. 644-1344

Fred Shetka & Associates, Inc., 1337 St. Clair Ave. 690-5498

Hall’s Expert Tax Service, 1821 University Ave. W. 917-2664

O. L. Horrisberger & Sons, Inc., 1225 Arcade St. 771-5658

Jonah I. Oglamien, Inc. 508 Snelling Ave. N. 642-1413

Kallas, J. Records & Tax Service, 1884 Como Ave. 646-5674

Lee’s Tax & Payroll, 383 University Ave. 221-0199

Lieser David & Associates, 2179 St. Clair Ave. 690-3147

Metro Tax & Accounting Services, 111 E. Kellogg Blvd. 224-1278

Mickelson Tax Service, 420 S. Robert St. 224-4245

Mielke’s Tax Service, 1439 Arcade St., Suite 120 774-2861

Miller Tax Service, 1779 E. Arlington, Suite A 774-9558

Mr. Tax of America, 1379 Maryland Ave. E. 774-9741

Mohs Tax Service, 1771 Ford Pkwy. *(612) 721-2026

Norah Financial Services, 625 Larpenteur Ave. W. 488-4462

ODA Rapid Tax Return, 2446 University Ave. W. 644-5963

Professional Accounting Services, 1225 Arcade St. 776-1318

Skally Tax Service, 624 Grand Ave. 298-1188

Tax Mart, Inc. 426 Fairview Ave. S. 917-9969

Ubani & Associates, 2147 University Ave. W. 917-2090

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