A Guide to Locating Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you have first-hand experience shopping for modern kitchen cabinets then you know just how time consuming, frustrating, and labor intensive this step can be. Even worse, when speaking to sales personnel at the various stores, you will quickly find out that what is considered modern in one store is actually little more than the latest incoming models from the standard big box kitchen cabinet makers. In addition, some have begun equating modern with pricey while others appear to consider minimalist the new modern. With so many definitions abounding and so little congruence, it is easy to just throw up your hands in disgust and consider laminating your existing cabinetry.

What is modern?

Ask five different sales representatives what makes their kitchen cabinets modern, and the odds are good you will get five different answers. In truth, the term “modern” is little more than a description that may be added to any cabinetry that incorporates the latest advances in kitchen design and thus makes even the most state of the art kitchens a user friendly environment. For example, back in the day when refrigerators became all the rage – as opposed to the old ice boxes – modern kitchen cabinets where those that fit over the common fridge. How is that for a myth buster?

Choices, choices! Where do I go to find out what’s new this year?

Rather than visiting the big box home improvement warehouse, opt for a home remodeling show. These are frequently held throughout the year in a number of locations. The biggest is the Remodeling Show which is now in its 17th year. It is geared predominantly to contractors and those who professionally remodel and as such it features tools but also trends that are currently driving the industry. This is a great venue to find out the latest behind the scenes innovations that are going to come down shortly to the consumer.

For a bit more immediate information, consider visiting one of the many home improvement shows that are held at local convention centers all across the United States. Manufacturers exhibit their latest modern kitchen cabinets and also show how to tie in these designs into the overall blueprint of the home. If you are not really thinking long term but instead want to make a buying decision within the next couple of weeks, this is definitely the way to go.

Expand your horizons

If you have an adventurous spirit and feel at home whenever you visit IKEA, why not expand your horizons beyond the borders of the United States and instead investigate what are considered modern kitchen cabinets in other countries? The big push in international kitchen dÃ?©cor is modern Italian (such as it is offered by European Cabinets) but also the Scandinavian offerings featured by IKEA. Foreign does not have to be synonymous with expensive, but if the rest of your home is traditional American or still steeped in the 1970s dÃ?©cor of avocado and dark wood, your kitchen might stick out like a sore thumb – unless you are ready to modernize your entire home and not just focus on modern kitchen cabinets.


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