A Liberal Urges Democrats and Independents to Vote the GOP Incumbent Back into the House This Year

Can this be real? Can I-who have been consistently complaining about the GOP Congress since they came into power-actually be calling for Democrats and independents and even Republicans to send the GOP incumbents right back to work? What gives? Have I gone insane? Have “they” got to me? Not at all.

Let’s face it, even if the Democrats regain control of the House and the Senate-and that’s simply not a likely scenario-they will still be unable to undo the damage wrought by Pres. Bush’s White House. For one thing, when Bush doesn’t like a bill that has been passed by his rubber stampers, he doesn’t even bother to veto it; instead he uses his Signing Statement power to veto only those parts of the law that he doesn’t think applies to him. Think he’ll suddenly stop using that if the Democrats gain some power?

But that’s still not quite a good enough reason to send the GOP back to Congress. But this is. Right now the GOP controls everything. EVERYTHING. The executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. Everything that happens for the next two years comes back on them the way things are right now. If the Democrats take away even just the House of Representatives then you know in 2008 the Karl Rove Dirty Tricks Brigade will be blaming everything that goes wrong over the next two years on the Democrats. And yes, I know it seems ridiculous to the level of sublimity to believe that any American would actually believe that claim, but in response I give you this example of the ridiculous: Bush WAS re-elected.

Yes, I know that sending the GOP back to their seats means another two years of total and completely insanity. Yes, I know that there will be collateral damage in the form of actual loss of human life. But apparently collateral damage doesn’t keep anyone who supports Bush up at night. In two years with Bush in the White House and the GOP still controlling the House, we’ll probably be paying at least $4.00 a gallon for gas, and the number of dead in Iraq following the end of hostilities there will probably be coming in around 5,000 and I sure as hell don’t plan on borrowing any books from the library with the word terrorism in the title, but in the end it’s worth it. If the power is split now, maybe the GOP will suffer a setback in 2008. If the GOP remain in control of everything for the next two years, their stupidity and incompetence will virtually assure their being kept out of the White House for at least the next three elections.

And so, I urge all of you who care about America to either vote Republican in your House race this year or, if you simply cannot do bring yourself to do that, then simply don’t vote at all in that race.

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