A Lightweight and Thrifty Beacon for Your Survival Needs

How much money do you spend a year just on batteries? Well, no more will that happen.

Flashlight technology has vastly improved over the years with LED, solar, and hand crank flashlights. The old routine of toting around extra batteries and bulbs is a thing of the past.

The latest from Dynamo Flashlights is an amazing product called the Forever Flashlight that takes no batteries or bulbs. All it requires is to be shaken. Give the flashlight a little shake and you have light. This is great for backpackers and survivalists alike, this is a must have product. Boasting the fact it never requires batteries or new bulbs, this will easily be the last flashlight you will ever need to purchase.

The Forever Flashlight comes in many different sizes and colors to choose from as there are companies that make these marvelous flashlights. It all depends on your basic overall needs. Even the Hummer Company has made one of these type flashlights which are strong and durable with the Hummer name and dependability. These flashlights can be found at Sharper Image or at most outdoor stores.

The small pocket sized flashlight comes in various colors like the larger one, but its overall light length is lowered. This is a perfect flashlight to carry with you in your backpack or even to keep in your car incase of an emergency. It’s great to keep in your RV, take camping with you, or just to use in your home if the power should suddenly go out. This is a flashlight that you can depend on for years to come. It requires barely any effort on your part to keep it running and working like new.

This product is so amazing that it has its own unique formula patent technology. It was invented by an English physicist, Michael Faraday. Faraday’s law of induction uses a magnet to slide past a coil which will induce voltage in the coil. Plain and simple, this flashlight works great and will save you money in the long run. No more having to purchase batteries that will not only be drained through use, but will also be draining your wallet. These make a great stocking stuffer for those in your life who may be into the survivalist nature and camping.

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