A Loaf of Bread, a Basil Mojito, and Thou

A Loaf of Bread, a Basil Mojito, and Thou

I love to read Blogs of those who love to plant. I mean really, How cool is that, growing your own Hops? And Actually using them to make Beer!

I ventured into growing Herbs myself this season. I even grew
“a walk through” catnip bar
for our cat Tigger to enjoy.
It’s no wonder he spent the entire summer sauntering from chair to chair,
dazed and confused,
just looking for a fresh place to snooze.

The rest of us enjoyed lots of Basil and parsley, as well as Rosemary, Lavender, and Mint, and

When Life hands you mint, you have no choice:
You must make Mojitos.

Mojitos! Creating a refreshing beverage from something you yourself have grown is rewarding. OK, We all know that mint would heartily grow, with out sun or Rain, or help of any kind, but…
I’m still proud.
I did in fact pick it and water it myself, and stand by looking proud.
De, Nada!

I even added a little Lemon Balm to the Mix. Decided to grow it because I thought it Smelled good, with no Idea of How to use it, or for what.

But let me tell you what this story is really about, and I’ll Bid you Adios, Amigo.

We Were down the shore, as we say here in Philadelphia, with our very good Friend Cam, from Corpus, Christi Texas. He makes a mean Breakfast Taco, and so when ever he comes to visit, we are sure to have all of the ingredients on hand, which we did. But this time, I was all prepared with Limes and White Rum, and a full and hearty crop of mint.
“Let’s Make Mojitos!” I proudly suggested.
My Tex-Mex Friend Volunteered to be Mojito maker. I handed him the shaker, the Muddling stick and the simple syrup, and he was off to juicing the limes. Soon we were enjoying Mojitos. I thought they were great, Icy and cool, and refreshingly piquant.
But Cam, being a perfectionist in such matters, wasn’t happy with his efforts. He felt that something was just not quite right. He felt like something was missing.

I had been to the market and had bought some other things that were still laid out on the counter, in preparation for a simple Jersey Shore Meal: Jersey Tomatoes with Basil , Sweet Jersey Corn, a Loaf of Italian Bread, coupled with the blessing of Fresh Tuna, caught earlier that day.

Later, as we started to prepare dinner, Our other guest Mark, began slicing the Jersey Tomatoes. I was sure I had picked some Basil earlier, and laid it out on the counter, but it was nowhere to be seen…..so I started looking in earnest for the basil, Just as our Good Friend Cam
began to make the next round of Mojitos. He was up for the Challenge, and he was bound and determined to make this one “right”
Only, he was having a hard time finding the mint.
I was having a hard time finding the Basil.
The light bulb appeared above both of our heads at the same time.
“I knew they didn’t taste right!”

Yes, dear reader, We were Drinking Basil Mojitos and I Happen to think they were just Great.
Did We make the next round with Basil?
Umm, No.
Odds are pretty good, That
The Basil Mojito will end up on a Trendy Italian Restaurant’s Menu one day,
Only garnished with a Clove of Garlic, No?
Umm, No.
Ciao,….. and remember,
When Life hands you Basil, Make Basil Mojitos.
Your Friends will never know the difference.

“Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ended up not being right.”
Mario Cuomo
Lawyer and Former Governor of New York

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