A Look at the Salvador Dali Museum

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL is a must see for art lovers visiting the Tampa Bay area. The Dali Museum which is pictorally located next to the water showcases oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, and objects by legedendary artist Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali was one of the most controversial and revolutionary artists of the 20th century. The surrealist Dali brought his dreams from his mind onto the canvas through his extraordinary gifts of the arts. His paintings are like a puzzle that hid a deeper meaning that is only after careful study that the picture within a picture shows through.

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL displays nearly 100 oil paintings of Dali’s work from 1917 through 1976. Guided tours are given daily at the Dali Museum at various times. This gives guests a chance to learn more about the works housed at the museum. Should you arrive at a time when no tour is being given, you can easily spend hours inside admiring the works of Dali. Staff at the Dali Museum are more than happy to talk about the paintings should you have any questions.

Each Thursday and Friday night during the Summer season from 5pm until 8pm the Dali Museum reduces admission costs. Every other Thursday night movies are shown in the gathering room and refreshments are served. On Saturdays the gathering room is transformed into a fun center for kids called Dilly Dally with Dali where parents and children can solve puzzles, play games, or make crafts. The Dla

The Dali Museum Gift Shop features prints of some of Dali’s work in the museum. There is also a nice collection of Dali postcards. This makes a great way to remember your favorite pieces of Dali’s work since cameras are not allowed in the museum. The gift shop also has jewelry, clothing, and many other products. Some products feature Dali’s words of “I’m not mad” in various languages. Learn more about Dali’s art as well as the man with one of the many books at the gift shop.

If you are coming to the Tampa Bay area, make sure to put a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum on your iternary. The surrealist Dali’s work is something to behold and to be experienced up close. With the numerous activites the Dali Museum offers, it can be a fun time for everyone. If you are not visiting Tampa Bay, you can still enjoy the museum virtually by going to www.salvadordalimuseum.org.

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