A New Creative Game: BBK

When I was walking past the park in my neighborhood the other day I noticed a new game going on that is similar to a few sports but totally different from anything you’ve ever seen. The name of the game is called Baseball Basketball Kickball and it is getting to be pretty popular among children. Like its name, the game incorporates the sports of baseball, basketball and kickball all in one game. First I’ll explain the rules and discuss why the game is so much fun to play.

The equipment that is required to play the game is a big soft rubber ball like one used in kickball, bases (ones used in baseball or a flat square surface) and a basketball court. You will also need at least 18 people to play the game, 9 people on each team just like in baseball. The positions are the same as baseball too. You will need a pitcher, catcher, and spread the rest of the payers out over the field. One of these players should stand next to the basketball hoop ready to make a basket in.

The rules of the game are as follows, the batter (the player who is kicking the ball) stands at home plate or home base while the pitcher rolls the kickball on the ground towards the batter. The batter get 3 tries to kick the ball and if he doesn’t that he is out. Like baseball each team has only 3 outs for each inning. In most games 6 innings are used. Someone should also keep track of score.

The way the game works is as follows: Once the pitcher rolls the ball towards home plate and the batter makes contact with the ball, the batter has to run around all of the bases. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and cross home before the other team gets him out. The way the other team can get the batter out is to retrieve the kicked ball and pass it to the player standing under the basketball hoop. The player must make the basket in before the player crosses home plate to get him out. Those are basically all of the rules. There are no walks, no steals, and a player in the field cannot catch a ball in the air and get the batter out. He must pass the ball to his teammate under the basket and get that player out. After 3 outs are recorded, the teams switch sides. As far as positions go, it is up to the discretion of the kids whether or not they want to switch positions or who gets to pitch. The same thing goes for the batting lineup except that the order must contain every players name and a player cannot bat out of turn. The lineup resumes where it left off the inning before.

This game is so much fun and kids will love it when they are learned all of the rules. It doesn’t take much skill to play so everyone can be involved. It also incorporates 3 popular sports that are played nationally in the So remember, the next time you see a bunch of kids standing around in park doing nothing, tell them about BBK, they are sure to love it.

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