A Note About Todays Salaries or Lack Their of

i cant yell about not having a job …
but i canvent about salarys
and i will…
people my age, 23, almost 24
make nothing…
as a whole that is
20 year olds with no college education working as managers
at hot topic
and other mall chains
make the same $$$ if not more then me…
then the other side
23- 25 year olds with bachelors degrees or sometimes higher
over 4 years working experience sometimes over 6 making a
salary of about 12$hour if they are lucky
WHATS wrong with this?
why is someone who proved them self buy studing for 4 years making less then a burger filppers manager?
yes we all know u cant really live on min wage
but you also cant live on 5$hr more then that … nope dont think so
typical salary for college grad(non busniness field) $500 week under 30k year
typical expenses for college grad=
rent= $500+ month (if u have roomate and are lucky rents are ever rising and nearing 1000$ for a studio
car ins= about $100 if not more a month for a 20 something
car payment= $350+ everone in their 20’s has a new car right? not everyones dad pays for it
food= $400+ unless you starve
utilities=$100-$200 gotta have water and heat
cred card mins=$50-$300+ (what college student didnt use one?)
ok we are at what is brought in now…
wheres money for gas?
how about to pay student loans? those are important wouldnt want to mess up your credit everyone knows how much credit matters
clothes to wear to work? they want you to look nice and nice clothes are expensive

do i have a point?
am i wrong?
should i be glad i at least make some money?
even though i make about 500 a month less then my bills
could it be worse?
hell yes
i do make more $ then many but i also have more expensies then many
i went to school because i was told i needed too in order to get a good job
the job i have now doesnt require a degree
the last one didnt either
postal employee, salary=35-45k plays with paper all day
emt salary= under 30k, they play with peoples lives all day
baseball player slalary= millions, plays with balls all day
teacher salary= make 30k if lucky, plays with you kids all day
salaries are FUCKED UP
our country is fucked up
what we value is messed up
im fed up
i dont wish4 millions
or 100’s of thousands
just for something liveable
i just need to know that i invested 100k for school
and that im investing further for a reason
i mean
i just want 30k a year
a dog
an apartment more then 500sq ft
at least a few 100 in checking
instead of a few 1’s
is that so much to ask???

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