A Poem About Supernatural Ghosts

Can you hear them,
Shsssss not so loud, there’s something rustling in yonder bush,
Ah I see, if it were not for my condescending personality I would keep a breast of this situation.
How did it turn out like this I ask thee? I do not know my lord, but it seems one night a man appeared,
His eyes yellow like the sun, contemplating a new source of power, mournful of the last, risen these atrocities, ghastly ghosts, these beasts of nature to do his bidding. My lord I beg thee do not move any farther they are amongst the trees they are everywhere, why must you be so stubborn as to scorn my warnings.

They are mere creatures sir not Gods or Saints, supernatural maybe, not even Demonic enough to scare the lamest child. You are a fool sir for taking such caution I see no danger, I feel no evil in their motion, I will go forward and talk with these creatures. But my lord!, no I am going to go and venture over to thee and while I am there I will bring one over for you to banter with, No my lord I wish not to talk with these horrid beasts, do not fear, they aren’t as evil as some may say he said to me with a slight grin. You fear a great deal and I fear that same anxiety may be your downfall some day. My lord I fear your tenacity for danger will be yours, Aha sure you jest, danger would bring with it an auraâÂ?¦these creatures are without one. Go forward then my lordâÂ?¦you bloody oaf, what did you say sir?! How dare you talk with such impertinence, for that I shall bring two of these beasts over.

Forward he goes with caution aside,
I watch and wait as he falls without pride,
To mention such an act of faith, he has tried
I fear he may no longer need me by his side,
Scornful of the things which I have provided,
A shield, a sword, and a lantern,
I have even provided a Northern Tern,
All I can do is wait and hope he learns.

This is strange they seem not to be creatures? Sir! They are not creatures, yet I do not know what they are�My lord I never told you why you should use caution for such a venture they are of coarse of evil nature, yet tis not the evil you ordinarily see in common area, these my lord are the dead of our past legions. Dead men you say??? I see no sword in their hands they glow and move about without legs yet they have human faces, I do not understand, my lord if you touch one they will transform into the most horrid manifestation of death�please go no further I beg of thee.

I watch as he touches one,
O the horror, how shocking is this reality,
I warned him, I forewarned him, it is too late I fear
They have manifested into something I cannot bear,
Legions of undead men here to take the throne.

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