A Possible Solution to the War on Terror – Terrorist Vs Ninja!

In the six years or since the beginning of the War on Terror, we have used the same old tactics in an attempt to defeat our enemies. And although we have yet to be attacked again in America, I ask you, have we made any real progress? New situations call for new tactics, and in this case, perhaps we can utilize an old forgotten tactic, a very old tactic indeed. Simply put: America must fund the training of a secret ninja army, to use against our new enemy, the terrorist.

Although the terrorist seem to be on the defensive as of late, we must remember the terrorist’s main weapon: patience. We know our enemy is committed to defeat us even if it takes them a thousand years. Because of this, we must look to long term solutions to the problem. This is where the army of ninjas plan works so well. In my youth, I heard that it takes “30 years of training in Japan to become a ninja.” Given the extended time frame of this conflict, the 30 year training plan becomes feasible.

Before you scoff at the idea, imagine this: We give the nation of Japan a few billion dollars a year for the next three decades. This is chump change for a country like America. Since secrecy is key, the deal could be handled through the C.I.A. Japan would then begin training a thousand of its young in a super-secret, elite force of assassin agents. Within 30 years, we would have an army of ninjas at our command. But this is just where the plan really kicks into action.

Since ninjas are masters of disguise, they could infiltrate the terrorist network. To assist in this operation, Japan could pretend to become an enemy of the United States. Although this seems implausible right now, with 30 years to plan the deception, we could slowly convince the enemy that America and Japan hate each other again. If the ruse worked, the terrorist would gladly accept the new Japanese recruits.

Once the ninjas where fully in place they would then wait for a prearranged signal before they struck, all at once. This would be the beginning of “Operation: Ten Thousand Cuts.” This would consist of the assassination of as many terrorist as possible in the shortest period of time. The ninjas would take out the terrorist leadership and use their spy abilities to assist the U.S. military in destroying the rest.

For this plan to work, the attrition afflicted on the enemy would have to be devastating and total. Perhaps over a million enemy casualties will have to be inflicted in a short amount of time. It is unfortunate that so many would have to die, but to win this war, it is a distinct possibility that we will have to completely destroy the terrorists’ manpower, as well as defeat the remaining enemies’ will to fight.

There are those that will laugh at this proposition, but consider this: If, pre September 11, 2001 someone wrote an article about how to destroy the World Trade Center using commercial airliners, we would have thought that person was crazy. We would have of laughed then. We just weren’t ready for that kind of thinking, and that’s how they got us. The ninja army proposal is so crazy, it just might work.


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