A Review: The Suncast Storage Trends Tall Cabinet

When we were looking for something to add some more storage to our utility room we came across the Suncast Storage Trends Tall Cabinet and I am very glad that we did. And if you are a clutter freak like I am you need this cabinet also.

This cabinet really gave us a lot of storage space. I was surprised how much stuff it held and how much I was able to get organized and out away. Not only is it tall, but the width and depth are great also, adding even more room than I though I would have. I was able to put up tools, cans of paint, saws, all kinds of stuff that was previously put wherever I could stick it or piled around everywhere I could think to put it. Since we chose ours for out utility room I was also able to devote one shelf for my laundry and cleaning supplies. We are planning to get one for our garage also and I can’t even begin to think of all of the stuff out there that needs a place to be put and organized. This cabinet is definitely a life saver if you are someone who needs space or has a lot of stuff that need organized or needs more storage space.

The shelves are adjustable so you can decide what you want to put where. For example if you want to put very large things on the bottom you can put the shelf above a little higher so you will have room. Each shelf will also hold up to seventy-five pounds, is a lot of weight and a lot of stuff. It is a really versatile cabinet and can be used in many different ways for many different things.

Its not too bad when it comes to looks either. It is definitely not for decorating the family room but it does not look too “garage style” either. It is a off white finish plastic material and when I saw it I knew the look was just right for my utility room.

The assembly said “easy no tool assembly”. Well it was not quite that easy. It took me quite a while to put together. I was by myself and the pieces were kind of big and bulky for one person, so if you get one of these I recommend having a friend on stand by to help out. I did get it done though and it was not really that bad. The material that it is made out of is very sturdy stuff. I can see this cabinet holding together very well and lasting a long time.

The price was awesome for such a great, useful, versatile storage cabinet. I gave only about one hundred dollars for it. I consider that to be a great deal. I am very glad I bought this cabinet. I would recommend it to all of my friends who might need one and I cannot wait to buy another one to get started organizing out in the garage.

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