A Review of Soak Wash for Gentle Fabrics

Knitters and Quilters are finding Soak Wash the rage to use for knits and quilts. Soak Wash is an easy to use wash that does not have to be rinsed out allowing a lot of convenient features. Finding the right fabric wash for unmentionables and other delicate fabrics is always a change. Soak Wash is a gentle solution formulated especially for the more difficult line of apparel that may be hard to clean. With this soft Soak Wash one need only use a capful per gallon of water and pop the clothes in the water to soak clean.

A company who created wool scarves, sweaters, and wool hats created soak. Soak Wash is the perfect gentle wash to use for knitters and quilters. One of the reasons Soak works so well is that it is created specifically for knits and felting.

Soak Wash is available in three different fragrances including Flora, Aquae and Citrus leaving your knit fabrics smelling fresh and clean and looking excellent. Soak Wash has a new product that is scentless, which is ideal for sensitive side. There are no dyes or perfumes and Soak Wash is also eco-friendly being a biodegradable product.

There is also a limited edition, which is called Evening Garden and goes by the name Sola.

Soak Wash can be ordered from the Soak online store. The retail price for the basic Soak Wash in a 425 ml size is $16.00. The Soak product can also be purchased at several retailers listed at the Soak online store.

The makers of Soak also make a unique line of labels for knitters and those who quilt to personalize their creations. The labels are unique in that they carry the expression “Label of Love.” This is a special touch to add when knitting for someone as a gift, or for making a quilt for someone. A packet of “Label of Love” 12 pack retails for $10.95 per package.

Soak Wash is definitely an excellent alternative to other products. Soak can be used for hand laundering quilts, knits, hand washables, lingerie, and can even be used on pets. One of the convenient things about Soak Wash is that it does not require one rinse it out of the fabric.

For those individuals who knit, crochet, or quilt the Soak product is the perfect way to give nurturing care to the handmade item that was created with such care. For knitting stores and quilting shops that so desire to carry Soak in their establishments, Soak will sell wholesale. Visit Soak Wash online for details.

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