A Review of the Electrolux Electric Hybrid Induction Cooktop Model EW36CC55GS

Those in the market for a stove top have three different cooking options today: gas, induction and electric. It can be difficult for consumers to make up their minds because each brings unique qualities and cooking options. The Electrolux 36-inch Electric Hybrid Induction Cooktop model EW36CC55GS utilizes two of the three making the decision easier. This stove top uses both electric conduction and induction cooking with its 5 burners. I have been able to get my hands on one of these and I’m going to give you the details on how it performed and who would be best suited to have one of these in their kitchen.

Design: 4/5

Maintenance: 4/5

Functionality: 5/5

Value: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

Product Details:

The design of this particular cook top is a simple black surface framed by stainless steel. The burners are outlined with a gray circle indicating the business portion of the stove top. This looks particularly good in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, it seems to tie everything together more then some of the more simply designed stoves. The controls are all on the front of the stove allowing for easy access without the dangers of reaching over a hot pot. There is a nice residual heat indicator letting you know when the cooktop is still warm. There is also a handy keep warm mode which allows the user to maintain food temperature while other parts of the meal are completed. This stove is fairly easy to clean with the right materials, and I do recommend purchasing cleaning materials specifically designed to be nonabrasive on this type of cooktop. There is however a cleaning sponge included.

This Electrolux is amazingly fast when it comes to heating up pots and pans thanks to it’s two induction burners. By using magnetism this cooktop can boil water in less than 90 seconds. Induction cooking is also much more efficient then electric because very little energy is lost as heat to the atmosphere.

Product Value:

As is the case with most induction cook tops this stove has a fairly large price tag associated with it. You can find it at retailers for about $1800. Thanks to the versatility and energy savings associated with induction cooking this is an excellent investment for most home owners, as almost all kitchen improvements yield a 100% return on the investment. As the housing market stiffens something like an induction cook top in a high end kitchen may make the difference between a house sold and a house sitting on the market.

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