A Review of the Fuller Brush Fullsparkle Window and All Purpose Cleaner Kit

The Fuller Brush Fullsparkle Window and All Purpose Cleaner Kit is a great way to do your spring cleaning this year. The unit attaches right to the garden hose and supercharges the pressure coming out of the hose. It also comes with a powdered cleaner that mixes with hot water. The box will clean up to 60 windows and the kit costs $21 from QVC.

The best part about this product is that it allows you to clean right through the screens. You do not need to take the screens down to clean the window. First, you rinse the windows with clean water from the house, then allow the soap to hit it, and then rinse it off with clean water again. The pressure is so strong that it allows you to clean your windows from the ground without climbing on ladders or over your bushes. There is no squeegeeing or drying necessary because the windows are left spot and streak free.

There is a knob at the top to turn the water on and off. If you want to spray detergent, you simply place your finger over a hole on the top of the sprayer. This way, you can determine how much detergent is being used so you don’t use more than you have to.

Another great use for this product is to wash your car. It makes washing your car so much easier because you do not have to hurry to do it so that you can dry the car off before the sun dries water spots all over it. Cleaning patio furniture with this product is also much faster and easier.

The detergent is safe for pets and bushes so there is no need to worry about it spraying all around your house.

Once you purchase the kit, you are able to buy detergent refills for a cheaper price from QVC. It is definitely cheaper to use this product than to hire someone to wash all of your windows for you. This product is great for people who are older and cannot climb on ladders to get the outside of their house clean. This is also a great product for anyone who is looking to save time on their spring cleaning so that they can enjoy their time outdoors instead of worry about cleaning. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking for sparkling, streak-free windows this season.

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