A Review of the GE FCM15SUWW Chest Freezer

Everyone wants to save money, especially when the economy is in its current state, which is why we’ve seen such rapid expansion of the box store chains like Costco and Sams Club across North America. Buying food in bulk and freezing down the extras can save a family hundred a year. In order to do this consumers have been buying up freezers to store those valuable bulk groceries. I’ve had the opportunity to use the GE FCM15SUWW chest style freezer for several months now and I’m going to outline how I’ve found it to perform.

Style / Size: 2/5

Duribilty: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Product Overview:

This freezer isn’t the big bulky ice chest you might remember your grandparents having. This is a low profile chest style freezer that is covered with a glossy, easy to clean finish. This unit is designed to sit in your garage or storage space and not necessarily in your kitchen. The way it is designed is such that inward placed hinges allow this unit to sit directly against the wall without interfering with the door opening mechanism. The small footprint means that this freezer isn’t going to take up valuable real estate in your storage areas. I don’t recommend this for industrial settings where you need a lot of freezer space like a restaurant. It is just too small and the exterior will dents too easily for a professional setting.

The inside layout is open with several racks which have been convenient. It is easy to organizer the freezer with the included racks and the built in light ensures that you’ll have few problems finding whatever item you’re hunting for. I found that freezer burn was rarely an issue and it retained its temperature quite well during a full day power outage. I attribute this to the chest style design.

This freezer is easy to use with a single dial and limited “features”. There is no automatic defrost on this appliance which means you’ll have to prop it open with something and defrost is “manually”. Luckily frost isn’t a problem in this GE freezer which means this will only need to be done perhaps once every two years at the most. The lock on the door is also a nice feature especially for parents.

Product Value:

Currently priced at major retailers around $500 this freezer is an excellent value. While it may lack some features it certainly gets the job done, and with very little maintenance required. I would recommend this GE to anyone who is trying to save some money and especially hunters. Look for the prices of this freezer to hover at this mark even during the end of the year sales.

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