A Review of the HP PSC 1410 All in One Scanner, Printer and Copier

The Hewlett Packard (HP) PSC 1410 All In One scanner, copier and printer has given me nothing but trouble ever since I first bought it. It is unfortunate that I did not take it back to the store, thinking that the persistent malfunctioning of the HP PSC 1410 All In One Scanner was a fault on my own. In reality, I just believe that Hewlett Packard has produced a bad product. And I have two friends with the same HP PSC 1410 All In One and they both have had similar problems with theirs.

The enormous time consuming issue that has been tantalizing me to no end since a week after I purchased this awful Hewlett Packard 1410 All In One equipment is that it seems to have a difficult time multitasking. More explicitly, once you start scanning, you cannot easily switch the mode to copying. Once you start copying, you cannot easily switch the mode to scanning. Printing, however, seems usually available, although it is slow, like most Hewlett Packard printers I have taken note of. But the issue with the HP PSC 1410 All In One is quite irritating, as it is not even a simple fix to restart your computer, recharge the printer or other sensible reparation solutions one might ordinarily think of. No, actually what happens instead is a window pops up and the computer attempts to switch over, cannot do it, and then as a final attempt, asks you to insert the disk that came with your HP PSC 1410 All In One machine. However, upon inserting the disk, the problem is not resolved. And you’ve wasted your precious time. It doesn’t even help to reinstall the software. This problem seems to be deep rooted.

Even worse than the product itself, though, is the fact that I do not have the extra money to spend phoning the Hewlett Packard customer service department. The last time I did so, with my last Hewlett Packard equipment, I had to spend $40 to get help and the associate not only spoke little English but I ended up solving the problem myself while he was busy reading his directions about how to guide me. (I’m still fighting for the $40 bucks back!)

Other problems known to occur with the Hewlett Packard PSC 1410 All In One scanner, copier and printer are the machine incorrectly thinking there is no ink left, a very slow printing time and ink cartridges that run out very quickly. Furthermore, the PSC 1410 All In One is seemingly a bit meek in build, as it shakes uncontrollably while operating, thereby disturbing everything that is on the same platform as it is.

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