A Review of the MviX Multimedia Player

MviX Multimedia Player

The MviX Multimedia Player offers consumers the best in portable entertainment. Designed in South Korea by Unicorn Information System Co. Ltd, the MviX Multimedia Player has made its way across continents to reach Australia and now the United States, where it is fast becoming popular.

The MV-5000U is the newest model of MviX Multimedia Player to hit the market. This five-in-one multimedia device is hitting the high road with a sleek yet efficient style. With dimensions of 7.5x6x2.5 inches, it’s so compact that you could fit it in a child’s lunchbox, though most consumers would prefer to purchase the portable bag to transport their MV-5000U.

The MviX Multimedia Player utilizes a 3.5″ hard disk drive (which isn’t installed in the player but can be purchased with bundled hardware up to 300GB) that connects easily to a PC using a USB 2.0 interface. This connection allows a data transfer rate of 480Mbps.

Using Unicorn’s MviX Multimedia Player couldn’t be easier. From a user-friendly hard drive installation to an even friendlier download and hookup process, MviX Multimedia Player puts you in control. Simply connect the player to your computer, transfer the files you wish to play onto the player’s hard disk drive, connect the player to a television and you’re all set.

There are two models to choose from when considering the MviX Multimedia Player: the MV-4000U and the MV-5000U. Both models are virtually the same, with the exception of a couple of newer features on the MV-5000U, including an LCD display and an internal four-channel FM Transmitter, which allows you to broadcast audio through FM frequency, making you the DJ of your own personal radio station.

The possibilities are endless when considering just what to do with your MviX Multimedia Player. Do you want to show a home movie for the grandparents? MviX will allow you to play MPEG, AV1, DVD (IFO, VOB) and VCD (DAT) files among others. Or maybe you would like to show off digital pictures of your recent trip to the Bahamas. By storing your JPEG photos onto the player’s hard drive, you can display them on the television or projector and create your own slide show.

Besides being compatible with JPEG, the MviX supports other sound and image files, including AC3, MP2, MP3, DTS pass through and OGG, so as long as there’s an available television or audio system to connect to, you will have an easily accessible (and totally portable) digital music or photo library.

Finally, if you have had your fill of music and videos for the day, your MviX Multimedia Player can function perfectly well as an external USB2.0 hard drive. Just connect it back to the computer and you’re ready to download.

As versatile and effective as the MviX Multimedia Player is, no piece of technological equipment is complete without the ability to upgrade. It can download the newest Firmware directly from the manufacturer’s website, and it has no problems supporting the latest DivX file format.

The MviX Multimedia Player comes with a stand, A/V cables, USB cable (2.0 and 1.1 compatible) and a remote control for those lazy days. You can also purchase accessories to go along with it, including a portable bag and a car adaptor, which can be great for those long trips when the radio is nothing but static and talk shows.

The MviX Multimedia Player has a lot to offer the media-needy consumer. Whether you choose the MV-4000U or the MV-5000U with FM transmitter, you’re getting one of the most versatile and consumer-friendly entertainment devices in existence.

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