A Shinobi’s Tale: the Beginning

Kai was sitting at the table with Ashitora, his mother, and father having supper when his father thought he heard something outside. Kai and Ashitora seemed to have aged a couple of years since Kai saw Ashitora in the clan’s forest. Kai’s father looked up at the door and spoke softly to himself. Father: “Dammit.” Kai’s father looked over to the counter where the scroll he received some years earlier was. His mother, who had seen him look from the door to the scroll, silently got up. She took Kai and Ashitora to a corner of the room and did a few handseals and touched them. She then whispered to them. Mother: “Stay here and no matter what do not move.” She then moved over to the counter and picked the scroll up. She opened a drawer in the counter and brought out a towel and wrapped the scroll up. She knelt down and pulled up a board in the floor. She began digging and soon had the scroll under the house and covered with dirt. She replaced the board and stood up. Kai’s father then got up and walked cautiously to the door. He put his ear up to the door and tried to listen, he couldn’t hear anything. Just then the door flew back and knocked him onto the floor. He quickly pushed the door to the side and got up. By the time he got up there were 9 ninja in the house and one had a kunai to the mother’s neck. He began talking to the father as the mother looked with horrified eyes and struggling for breath as she was held up on her tiptoes by the mysterious ninja. Ninja: “Where is it? I know it’s here just tell me and everything will go smoothly.” Kai’s father looked at the ninja. He flickered from sight and reappeared behind the ninja. By the time he raised the kunai in his hand the ninja has slit the mothers’ throat. The father tried to bury the kunai in the back of the ninja’s neck but he wasn’t quick enough. The ninja turned around and grabbed his arm. He then pulled a kunai out and thrust it upward through the bottom of the fathers’ jaw. Kai’s father fell to the floor in a pile next to his mother as blood drained from the both of them. Ashitora, sensing that Kai was about to let out a gasp, covered his mouth. The ninja went into Kai’s parents’ room looking for something but soon came back out and fled the scene. After 2 hours had passed Kai and Ashitora stood up and walked over to his parents and knelt down. Kai cried a moment and they ran out of the small house. Once they got into the middle of the route they saw all the bodies that were laying around with kunai sticking in them. There was blood splattered all over the place. Kai stopped running and clenched his fists together. He looked up at the sky and let out a long yell and everything went black.

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