A Storage Shed Can Be Used for More Than Storage

A storage shed is ideal for storing the overflow of items like lawn mowers, gardening equipment, tools, paint, and more that just won’t fit in your garage, basement, or attic. But, storage sheds aren’t just for storage anymore. From a new workspace to a fun place to play, a storage shed can fit many roles.

A Playhouse for the Kids – A tree house can be dangerous for young children, but a storage shed is a fun spot for kids to play and store their toys. Consider building either a child-sized shed or a full-sized storage shed for your use when the kids have outgrown playing in it.

A Workshop – Buy all the power tools of your dreams if you have a storage shed to use as a workshop. You will need to install electricity, but your storage shed will allow you the perfect workshop where you can make all the noise you want.

A Second Garage – If you don’t have enough room in your regular garage for your motorcycle, scooter, or a bunch of family bikes, a storage shed can make for just the right parking space.

An Extra Bedroom – If you have a teenager who “wants their own space,” a storage shed can be perfect for giving it to them. Adding an extra bedroom through a storage shed will give your teens privacy, but they will still be close by when they come into the house for the kitchen and bath.

An Office – A storage shed wired with electricity, telephone, and internet connections, will give you the private and quiet home office you need.

A Garden Potting Shed – A storage shed makes a wonderful place for a potting bench and potting supplies like potting soils, pots, and more.

A Greenhouse – A storage shed sided with glass or clear plastic is a great greenhouse to start seedlings, grow vegetables during the winter, and more.

A Pool House – If you need a pool house for guests to change into their swimsuits, a place to keep pool equipment and supplies, and an attractive place to hide the pool pump, consider building a storage shed.

A Place for the Trash – Your storage shed may be a great place to keep garbage cans outside of the house while waiting for pick-up day.

A Place for Peace– If you need a private and quiet place to pray, meditate, or write your thoughts, a storage shed may be ideal.

A Place for Crafts and Hobbies – A storage shed is a fun place for messy crafts and hobbies like sewing, model making, scrap booking, painting, pottery, and more.

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