A Suspense Story

A movie I watched in my dreams.

The dream movie I watched was a suspense movie. It was about this couple that moved into this farmhouse like. They just had gotten married and they wanted to start a new life somewhere quite. But someone wanted to ruin their new life. By stalking them. This person didn’t want them to have a quite life. Through the course of movie, the newly weds meet their next-door neighbors, along with their young daughter. From that day of meeting their neighbors, the newly weds developed a strong trusting relationship with their neighbors. More into the movie. The stalker would call the newly weds family, and sends them horrific letters. So at this point in the movie, not only is the newly wed family terrorified, but the neighbors are as well. More towards the end. By this time, the cop had already been involved in this matter. One of the head cop that was part of this investigation, called the newly weds and told them, “we have a suspect in custody who might be involved in this case. But we are going to keep him in custody for awhile until this is solved.” The Newly weds and the neighbors believed it to be over, but the head cop said something to the newly weds wife, to make it more freighting. “If I was you, I would check the neighbors wife’s pillow.”

The neighbors wife kept this certain pillow with her at all time. So after getting of the phone with the head cop, she asked the neighbors wife to see that pillow. She let her see the pillow, and came upon a gun and another horrific letter from the stalker. It stated, “You thought I was the guy captured by the cops, but it wasn’t me.” Then the letter begins a countdown, but not your regular 5,4,3,2,1, boom! . The countdown started randomly backwards. Like a two year old wrote it, or someone just wanted to make it more terrifying for the reader. The countdown began with, 5,4,3,6,4,2,5 and then it stops. The stalker obviously wanted to play more games with the newly weds. Page two of the find of the letter in the neighbor’s favorite pillow. The stalker stated, “This should be the page you should be afraid of. There was more written on the letter that they missed. The stalking playing person wanted to keep on playing with his prey. So in the part that was missed, it reads as follow, “Protect yourselves under the shield on the ground. The newly weds and the neighbors looked at each other and said, “Protect ourselves?” With the look of discuss. Then the newly weds remembered the semble in the ground. It was a semble of an American bald eagle, painted years ago. But none of them knew that this semble was an underground room to protect the previous family from natural disasters. The countdown began again, but this time it was an official death to the newly weds. The men figure that they ladies should go down into the underground room and we’ll die for you, so to speak. So the ladies did, but the neighbor’s wife and daughter didn’t want to go without their husband/dad, so the newly wed wife snatched the neighbor’s wife and daughter by their arms and said “Come On!” Loudly off the top of her voice. After they went into the underground room, as soon as they closed the door to the underground room boom! The entire farmhouse like went into a chaotic blast. The ladies and daughter were screaming and holding each other closely, until they heard the sounds of nothingness. They opened the door of the underground semble of the hidden room, and looked upon the total destruction of the farmhouse. The newly wed wife and the neighbor and her daughter grouped hug as if it was over. But was the lettering and stalking over?

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