A Tour of the Lowry Park and Zoo of Tampa, FL

A trip to the zoo is always a lot of fun. Tampa, FL is home to the Lowry Park and Zoo. The zoo and park are located side-by-side and give visitors a chance to sightsee at the zoo and then picnic at the park. Hands can be stamped for re-entering the zoo later the same day.

There are plenty of rides at the Lowry Park and Zoo from the carousel to the sky lift, there is a ride for children and adults of all ages. The zoo allows many animals to be fed. You, ofcourse, have to buy the food at the station where the animal is located. Feed a giraffe a cracker or feed a stingray some shrimp. Feeding the stingrays gives you a chance to actually gently pet these amazing rays. It equates to a fun experience kids will surely love as well as adults. Because most feeding stations as well as rides take tokens that you purchase from machines located around the park, it is a good idea to take either change of small currency. This will make it easy to buy the tokens you need without having to purchase more than you will use because the tokens are nonrefundable.

The Lowry Park and Zoo features a children’s petting zoo in Wallaroo Station. This Australian inspired area of the park is home to kangaroos, wallabys, koi, and other native animals. Children can pet goats, ponies, and even feed the fish. The best feature of Walaroo Station is the manmade waterfall and water fountain. Kids can put on their swimsuits and have fun playing in the water while parents rest nearby under a shady tree on a park bench. This is a refreshing way to beat the heat and cool off.

Other exhibits at the zoo include the African Safari, which features animals like elephants, rhinos, and camels. Visitors can even take a camel ride.

The Lowry Park and Zoo is beautifully landscaped. The exhibits are very natural and true to the animals’ homeland. It is almost like being in a nature reserve as fences and gates are for the most part out of sight.

Visitors have many opportunities to learn about the zoo animals. There are several amphitheatres located throughout the park where zoo keepers share their knowledge of animals. The Birds of Prey show gives patrons a chance to see up close birds like owls and vultures while zoo officials share interesting facts. Patrons also have a chance to ask their own questions and take pictures.

The Lowry Park and Zoo is a nice destination for families. The zoo offers many wonderful exhibits, rides, and eateries. There are plenty of feeding stations throughout the zoo to give zoo visitors a chance to get up close to some of the animals. To check the hours and rates of the Lowry Park and Zoo, visit www.lowryparkzoo.com.

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