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The ABC show “American Inventor” captured the attention of millions of viewers as the last four American Inventor finalists made their final appeal to judges and television viewers. The two hour May 11, and the May 18, 2006 episodes of American Inventor on ABC recapped the finals that led up to the decision that resulted in the four finalists chosen, and ultimately the esteemed title of ABC’s American Inventor. The four American Inventor finalists, with professional assistance, developed tv commercials to promote their inventions. The last four finalists of the ABC show “American Inventor” were as follows.

Janusz Liberkowski

Janusz Liberkowski is a 52-year-old San Jose California mechanical engineer. Janusz invented a car seat for infants that is exceptionally new and innovative. The car seat developed by this American inventor is a spherical safety seat that works by spinning and moving a baby so the baby is perpendicular to the force of impact generated during a car accident. The movements of the nested spheres protect the neck and back of the baby, and therefore greatly decrease the chance of devastating or fatal injuries.

American inventor Janusz Liberkowski developed this spherical safety seat as a result of the loss of his daughter Anecia. A car accident caused the passing of his infant daughter, and it is Janusz’s desire to produce this American invention to save the lives of other infants. Janusz named his American invention “Anecia” after his infant daughter who tragically passed away seven years almost to the day of his appearance on American Inventor.

Ed Hall

Ed Hall has a great passion for the educational game he invented. Ed Hall is an American inventor who developed a game he named “Word Ace.” The game can be played by up to six people, and Ed’s American invention teaches vocabulary skills and spelling in a way that makes learning fun. The object of this game, as profiled on ABC’s American Inventor, is to create words after being given one letter in a word along with the number of total letters in that word. Ed Hall’s invention profiled on ABC’s American Inventor proved to be a very fun and entertaining game for those who tested the product.

American inventor Ed Hall, formerly a teacher and coach, was inspired by his 5th grade class. Ed wanted to motivate his students with an educational word game that made learning fun. Ed would like to see his invention succeed so it can be an educational benefit to all who play it. Ed promised his mother he would eventually be able to buy her a home and take her out of the bad area where he was raised. Ed’s game which was profiled on ABC’s American Inventor, and Ed Hall could definitely be profiled as the next American inventor.

Francisco Patino

Francisco Patino has created an invention for kids who let their friends hitch rides on their bikes. American Inventor judges chose Francisco Patino and his Double Traction Bike as a one of the four finalists on ABC’s American Inventor. Francisco’s Double Traction Bike is a very innovative bike that provides a seat for a second rider on the front of the handlebars. The attachment includes a second set of pedals for the second rider. Francisco developed his invention to provide a safer and more efficient way for two people to ride on one bicycle.

Francisco Patino, who is 19 years old and the youngest inventor in the finals on ABC’s American Inventor, was born in Colombia. He moved to New York City from Columbia at the age of 12. Francisco’s younger sister passed away at the age of seven, and after the loss of his sister, Francisco made a promise to himself that he would make something of his life. Francisco definitely has a great chance of becoming the next great American Inventor.

Erik Thompson

Erik Thompson who was chosen as one of the four finalists on ABC’s American Inventor invented a product he calls “The Receiver’s Training Pole”. The training pole he designed is part of a removable vest that assists in improving the catching skills of football players. The training pole forces football players to catch the ball away from their chests.

Erik is 40 years old, and he lives and works in Detroit Michigan. Erik owns a gym, and he is a training coach who helps athletes improve their skills within specific sports. Erik also works in a factory. He originally designed the Receiver’s Training Pole for his oldest son in an effort to improve his football catching skills. This American inventor has invented a product that could become the next greatest American invention.

The Final Appeal to the Judges

The second May 11, 2006-episode of American Inventor allowed the four finalists to make their final appeal to the panel of judges as well as the public. At the end of the show voters were given a toll-free number so they could call in and vote for their favorite American inventor. Each hopeful American inventor profiled on ABC’s American Inventor helped develop a commercial to promote their invention. The commercials were all very professional, and the final decision was surely a difficult one for the judges.

The first one-hour episode on May 18, 2006, was a repeat of the second episode that aired on May 11, 2006. The previous episode was rebroadcasted to remind viewers of the inventions, commercials, and details regarding the talented inventors who were all vying for the million-dollar prize and the chance to make their dream a reality.

I personally liked all of the American Inventor finalists, and I believe all of the inventions hold great promise, but only one finalist could be chosen as the next American inventor. Although I liked all of the finalists, my choice was narrowed down to two before I made my final vote. Ed Hall, who invented the “Word Ace,” and Janusz Liberkowski, who invented the “Anecia” infant safety seat were my personal favorites.

After listening to the final appeal to the judges, I decided to vote for Janusz Liberkowski. As Janusz stood before the judges and the public with tears in his eyes, he again expressed his feelings regarding the benefit of the infant safety seat he designed after the passing of his infant daughter. As Janusz made his final appeal on ABC’s American Inventor, one thought came to my mind. I had the overwhelming feeling that this man is the true definition of an American Inventor. His invention could help save the lives of many infants, and as Janusz gave his speech with a distinct Polish accent, I realized this man is a true example of what America stands for. America is made up of many different ethnic backgrounds of people, and Janusz Liberkowski is an American whose invention could make a real difference in the lives of his fellow Americans. Janusz’s invention was not being promoted for financial gain. Janusz Liberkowski invented this remarkable infant safety seat to save lives. Although I believe all of the inventions profiled on American Inventor are truly good products, and they were all developed by true American inventors, the Anecia safety seat was, in my opinion, the most beneficial invention profiled on American Inventor.

The Winner of “American Inventor”

The final episode of American Inventor aired on May 18, 2006. At that time, the results of the votes were announced. One by one, inventors were eliminated in this edge-of-your-seat emotional live production.

The first finalist to be eliminated was Francisco Patino, inventor of the Double Traction Bike. Although Francisco Patino was eliminated in this competition, Trek Bicycle Corporation provided Francisco with a product development internship so his dream of developing this amazing bike can become a reality. Lance Armstrong also provided words of encouragement and congratulations during this heart-pounding live event.

The second American Inventor finalist to be eliminated was Erik Thompson, who invented the Receiver’s Training Pole, but Erik Thompson is far from being a loser. NFL legend Jerry Rice made a surprise appearance that received a well-deserved standing ovation. Jerry Rice gave Erik Thompson the fantastic news that he will try his best to make Erik Thompson’s invention, the Receiver’s Training Pole, a successful American invention.

The winner of ABC’s American Inventor was chosen after a final word from each of the four judges. The May 18, 2006 winner of ABC’s American Inventor was Janusz Liberkowski. Janusz was awarded one million dollars, and CEO of Evenflo Corporation, Rob Matteucci, announced his company would be working with Janusz to produce his lifesaving invention, the Anecia safety seat.

Last, but certainly not least, Ed Hall was chosen as first runner-up on ABC’s American Inventor for his invention, Word Ace. Hasbro Games development representative Mike Hirtle offered Ed Hall a well-deserved opportunity to produce his educational invention. Ed Hall was also a true winner on ABC’s American Inventor.

It is my hope that those who weren’t chosen as the million-dollar winner on ABC’s American Inventor can in fact make their dreams of becoming the next American inventor a reality. All four finalists profiled on American Inventor are exceptionally talented, and they have all developed worthwhile inventions that definitely deserve the title of ABC’s American Inventor.

You Could Become the next American Inventor

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