Abortion: Should it Be Allowed?

Among issues of great contentions in the world today, including gay marriages, dress codes for both women and men that constitute morality, divorce, HIV/AIDS as concerns new marriages, abortion has not lagged behind.

Discussions, debates and arguments have been pressed to the fore on whether abortion should be legalized and what kind of legal structure should be adopted. Not only has abortion been a contentious issue on the legal forum but the argument extents to find when life begins and who has control of life (life is defined in respect to a formed baby within the mother’s womb).

There is also the aspect of unwanted pregnancies and what kind of such unwanted pregnancies should be terminated. So far many countries have laws that allow for termination of pregnancies when such pregnancies are medically detrimental to the existent of both the mother and the unborn child. And of recent many countries are on the road to legalizing abortion even to women who would consider pregnancy a state of discomfort.

Reasons that come to light in support of abortion include such reasons as unplanned pregnancies, pregnancies due to rape, pregnancies which if allowed to mature to birth, the support of such children would be huge and involving. Another reason that is most favorable is that which argues that most unwanted pregnancies end up being terminated by unqualified doctors, thus endangering the life of the mother.

Now, considering the reasons put forth in support for pregnancy termination other than that which would put both the life of the mother and the baby at peril, why should we allow for killing of the unborn? It is to my opinion that the unborn has the right to life, because the difference between the unborn and the child who has just been born is a matter of days (months). At conception, when the fetus is one day old, the difference between it and the born child is always about nine months, and it would be brainless to suggest killing a one day old baby, because of these other reasons being propagated in support for termination of unwanted pregnancies.

If we can’t kill a one day old because it is a child of rape, why kill a child who has only nine months left before being one day old? If a pregnancy is considered awful, reason being that such pregnancy was unplanned for, should we go ahead and legalize another event, which in itself immoral (murder), to salvage the self-worth of her that has so desired such terminations? I am of the opinion that we should not legally deny the existence of such people that if we would give the chance to live, improvement on the nature and reasons for all of us living would be realized. Abortion should therefore be illegal in all its forms except for that which, if the fetus is left to live, then both it and the mother will die.

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