Absorbine Junior Pain Relief Patches

Absorbine Jr is an old name for an old product that’s been around for many years. Since then, “new and improved” products have come to light and people have switched brands. But if you have sore muscles or aching joints, Absorbine Jr is a quality product, no matter how long it’s been around.

Years ago, I can remember my mom rubbing Absorbine Jr on my dad’s sore shoulder. It came with a little spongy wand thing which was the applicator. It was sort of a brown liquid that smelled weird, but that was what they used.

Throughout these many years, I had never used Absorbine Jr again. I noticed one day at our Dollar Store that they had Absorbine Jr Pain Relief Patches in an 8-count for a buck. I figured I’d take some home and throw them in the medicine cabinet in case we ever needed them someday.

Someone must’ve been trying to tell me something, because within a few days, I had hurt my right shoulder and could barely move my arm. I didn’t think anything was broken, it just ached – deep within the joint. I figured I had slept on it wrong and it would improve throughout the day. It didn’t. It dawned on me that I had purchased the Absorbine Jr so I decided to give one of the Pain Patches a try.

The patch felt cool when it was applied but began to heat up within a few minutes of applying it to my shoulder. The medicine smell was still there, bringing back memories from my childhood. The smell is not a bad smell but is very noticeable. Some people may not like the fact that their Pain Patch has a smell, which might keep some from trying this product, but the Pain Patch worked great.

Within an hour my shoulder was starting to feel better, and after using the patch for a couple of days, there was no more pain. My shoulder still bothers me sometimes – problem just a symptom of getting older – but when it does, I always reach for the Absorbine Jr.

If you can find Absorbine Jr at a discount store, great. If not, look around your local department stores and drug stores to see if they carry this brand. It’s not as expensive as some other brands, yet I guarantee great results for sore muscles or aching joints.

The Absorbine Jr Pain Patches can be cut into smaller pieces to be used on smaller areas or kids. Leave on for up to 8 hours, then replace with a fresh patch. The patches stick very well but won’t hold up under water. Overall, I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone with painful muscles and joints.

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