Acne Myths

If you are suffering from acne you have probably heard all of the myths that surround this problem. But remember, they are just that; myths. Before you can clear up your face you will need to know what to believe, and what you can discount as an old wives tale.

One of the biggest myths that surround acne is that it is caused by not cleaning your face. While it is true that acne is caused by a build up of oil and dead skin cells, it is a myth that by harshly scrubbing your face many times a day you will keep acne away. Try to wash your face twice a day with a gentle acne product. This will help to keep your face oil free, but at the same time you will not end up drying your face out and making your situation worse.

Another huge myth that surrounds acne is that it can be caused by eating certain foods. This myth has been around for years, but there is not scientific evidence that backs it up. Many people believe that fried food and chocolate in particular will make acne worse. But if you like these foods you are safe; they have no link to causing acne.

Can the sun really get rid of acne? This is a myth that you may have heard about ways to get rid of acne. The sun may tan your face or turn it red and thus blend the redness from acne in with your face. You may not know that it is there, but it is. The sun is a short term answer to conceal acne, and it actually can cause more skin irritation and make your face even worse.

Another myth that has been around about acne for a long time is if you pop your pimples then they will go away faster. This could not be farther from the truth. Yes, popping a pimple may make it less noticeable, but it has harsh side affects. It can make the pimple stay around longer, cause more swelling and redness, cause harmful scars that can last for months or forever, and make the bacteria go further into your skin. All of these things will make the acne stay around for longer. So, when it comes to this myth, you are better off using medicine instead of popping the blemish.

Finally, acne is not caused by stress. If this were the case, there would be millions of people suffering from adult acne. Just like the food myth, this one has been busted. There is not scientific evidence that acne is caused by stress.

There are many more acne myths that are floating around; these five are simply the most popular. If you are having a tough time determining fact from fiction you will want to visit your dermatologist. They will be able to tell you the truth about acne, and why you are having a problem with it.

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