Act One Studios in Chicago Illiniois

Chicago, Illinois is home to many amazing things: The Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park, as well as many other things. This amazing city is also home to many different people, but though the melting pot this city has become there are a select few of individuals who share a common bond – the bond of acting. But through the vastness that is the acting and film community what can you do to set yourself apart from the multitude of actors and actresses? Well for one, you can become amazing at your gift. But how can you get better at your gift? The first and foremost thing you as an actor must do is go and receive amazing training. But where can you do that? Chicago, Illinois is home to one of the greatest acting training facilities.

This facility is called Act One Studios. But what actually sets this acting studio apart from the seemingly hundreds of training grounds in Chicago? Well, first is their ability to successfully train their students. With a very high success rate, Act One Studios is no doubt the leading acting training facility. Secondly, the classes at Act One are extremely limited. With the maximum size of twelve students and a minimum of eight, this smaller class setting ensures a highly effective training atmosphere. Thirdly, Act One’s instructors are trained professionals who are still actively working in this wonderful industry. One of the more important aspects of this studio is that it has been in operation for over twenty-three years. This extended length of business ensures that Act One Studios knows the Chicago acting community extremely well.

Act One Studios prides itself in offering one of widest arrays of acting classes in Chicago. All classes ranging from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – there is a class for everyone. With classes dealing with On-Camera Techniques as well as classes for actors wanting to immerse themselves into the world of Stage Acting, everyone will find the right class to help them excel within their preference. Another amazing aspect of Act One Studios is the free amenities they offer their students. They offer FREE resume and headshot counseling. All you have to do is call and schedule an appointment with Act One, and they will be more than happy to help prepare your resume to display your experience in a professional and proper manner. Another free offer they have is Career Counseling. They will sit down with every actor and help map-out a class schedule to maximize your training and help you achieve your goals as an actor. They also offer a resource center, which posts audition casting calls and headshot photographer books for every actor to take advantage of.

As well as classes, Act One periodically offers their students (and non-students) the opportunity to take advantage of various seminars. These seminars range from “Weekend Workshop With Jane Alderman – Auditioning for the Prime-Time Drama Series”, “How Does This Business Really Work?”, “Breaking Into Chicago Theater”, “Moving to L.A.”, “Monologue Clinic” and, “Make-Up for the Camera.” So as you can see, there are more than just regular classes to help every actor become an amazing actor!

So no matter what level you are as an actor, Act One Studios in Chicago, Illinois offers a class or seminar for you!

Act One Studios
640 N. LaSalle, Suite 535
Chicago, IL 60610
312.787.9384 office
312.787.3234 fax

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