Acupuncture for Dogs

Acupuncture improves the natural healing, and body function. Process by inserting needles (Sterilized – needles are slightly thicker than a human hair), and applying heat or electrical stimulation, at specific acupuncture points. Energy channels or meridans, flow through the body (human or animal), to provide nutrition to tissues. Meridans located on various areas, depending on the anatomy or species, and can be seen under a microscope, significantly different, from surrounding tissue. When meridans are stimulated, by needling the acupuncture points, this unblocks or stimulates nervous system to release chemicals in the muscle, spinal cord and brain. The stimulation is enhanced, by applying a mild electrical current through the needle or rotating in place (clockwise or counterclockwise) or moved up, and down. This improves energy, stimulates the body’s (human or animal), natural healing abilities, and emotional well – being. Furthermore, promotes preventive illness, pain control pain (Pain-reducing endorphins released), and treatment of various medical conditions. When needles are inserted, patients (dogs/animals) feel only minimal pain or no pain at all. Acupuncture points been mapped, over thousands of years, by Chinese. Through modern scientific techniques, these puncture points, clearly identified for modern use.

Holistic medicine use acupuncture, treating dogs provide many health benefits. Older dogs may suffer pains of arthritis receive great relief from acupuncture, with less pain and increased energy. Alternative solutions replacing steroids, pain – killers and some surgeries, acupuncture is resourceful technique. Other common health problems for dogs (Most often same for humans), hip dysplasia, back problems (caused by trauma), intra-vertrrbal disc, associated strains/injuries and serious kidney failure, obesity, respiratory problems, neurological disorders and epilepsy, have substantial health improvements using acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment for chronic problems, every two to four weeks, and acute condition are treated once or twice a week, following four to six weeks. Positive response, may take a few days, after treatment. Holistic veterinarians are slightly more expensive than typical veterinarians. Approximate ten percent of animals will not improve, after acupuncture or after three to four treatments. Recommended before treatment, avoid feeding, high exertion, heavy exercise, and bathing (Avoid before and after therapy). Certainly, acupuncture has limitations. Not applicable for pregnant dogs (or animals), using prescribed or nonprescription medication, (may alter the effects of acupuncture), dogs suffering high fevers, far degenerative disease (acupuncture may serve at best for some relief), and broken bones.

Other acupuncture techniques don’t use needles. Aqua-puncture is injecting a liquid, such as vitamin B-12 in the meridan points, effectively providing treatment. Laser acupuncture useful to access difficult or tender areas, such as feet, and noninvasive treatment. Infra – red laser penetrate deep, stimulates acupuncture points, and treat skin problems.

Drawbacks sometimes occur, when treating dogs with acupuncture. Approximately in less then five percent using acupuncture, side effects may become apparent, up to 72 hours, after treatment. Dog may experience excess energy or fatigue. Rarely, needles can break while in the skin. This may require surgery to remove or other less aggressive methods. A blood vessel maybe ruptured or a nerve inadvertently struck by a needle.

Some pet insurance companies have comprehensive care, which covers the cost, including acupuncture. Companies listed: Petsurance – 3315 E. Agonquin Road, Suite 450 – Rolling Meadows, IL 6008 – Telephone #: 1 – 866 – 600 – 4815. C/O Intelligent Content Corporation – 20283 – State Road 7, Suite 400 – Boca Raton, Florida 33498 –
Telephone#: (561) 237 – 2940.

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