Add to the Value of Your Home by Flaunting It

Every Homeowner likes to think that their home has both sentimental as well as financial value. With the Housing Market teetering on the brink of a major recession, homeowners are scrambling to find ways to keep their property from dropping in value.

All homes have a history behind them. Some have more than others. For example, an old country home may have added to the history of the country. There are some homes that were used by the underground railroad during the Civil War. Maybe a government dignitary lived in at one time. A historic past adds value to your home. There is a way to increase the value of your home.

One simple way to do that, is simply “flaunting it.” Now you are probably asking yourself, how in the world can you flaunt a house? Let me explain the ways.

First, do a total makeup job on it. By this I mean, clean, repair and paint. The areas that need some work done on it, get it done. You know where these are located at on your home. It is the area’s that you have been putting off doing. If you have hardwood floors, shine them up. Clean the windows so that you can see through them. Place the furniture where it looks good in your house.

Now let’s go outside. Remove all refuse that is laying around in the yard. Trim up the trees and bushes. Mow the grass neatly and rake up grass blades that pile up from mowing. Plant some flowers around your home. The brighter the color the better. Do you have an attractive eye catching area, if so make it more appealing to the eye. Maybe you have a particular flower bed, and old rusty gate, a unique mailbox that can add to the looks of your property.

Now is your home ready to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens? Probably not. Not to worry though. We are about to take care of that.

Do you have any pictures of your home that look very nice? If so get them out. Now head for your local dollar store and pick up some cheap picture frames.

You don’t have any pictures of your home. Well get out the camera, pick a beautiful sunny day and start taking some pictures of your home. Assemble them together and pick out the pictures that you want to display. Now find a wall in your home where you want to display these pictures. Don’t place them in the hallway or in a back room. You are flaunting your house, so pick an area where there is lots of foot traffic.

If you want to invest a little money in this project, why not have a professional photographer take some pictures for you. They might even give you some advice on where to hang the pictures. Professionals can do a much better job that the novice. They know and understand lighting and it’s affect on pictures. They may even have a better idea on picture frames to be used.

Do you have a fireplace? If so, why not get a portrait of your home to hang it over the fireplace. Fireplaces attract visual attention. It is a great location for a home portrait.

Another idea is to have a picture of your house placed on a fake magazine cover spread. You can then in case it in a frame. It will look like it has been featured.
There are many shops that can do this for you and the cost is usually minimal.

A bound book such as a scrapbook, that sets on your coffee table in the living room, is very easy to get some visitor’s attention. Place in a strategic area, a person will automatically look through it. You can make these yourself, if you are a scrapbook enthusiasts. It is lot’s of fun to do as well. You could show pictures of different rooms or maybe your home through the years.

You could even have table place mats made with different pictures of your home on and just leave them set on the dining room table for show.

Your home is your valued piece of estate. You take a lot of pride in it. By flaunting your home, you are showing off your sentimental value as well as it’s financial worth. You can add value just by flaunting it.

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