Adding a Tropical Leaf Ceiling Fan to Your Home

A tropical leaf ceiling fan can help you transform any area with a touch of exotic glamour. Whether you’re looking for a solution to uncomfortable temperatures in your outdoor or indoor space, a tropical leaf ceiling fan may be just what you need to solve your problems in style. A leaf style fan is not more difficult to install than any other basic ceiling fan, but unlike a generic fan, a leaf-blade fan can have a major aesthetic impact. There are leaf fans available for prices comparable to an inexpensive, unremarkable overhead fan, so installing a tropical leaf ceiling fan can be an affordable and easy way to lend your home a refreshing touch of tropical glamour.

A Leaf Fan With Multiple Speed Settings
If you are searching for a breeze with a natural, subtle feel, a fan that has a 50% speed option, also known as an “extra low” setting, will help you achieve the effect you’re after. This kind of fan is often appropriate in a indoor/outdoor area like a screened porch, where a little bit of climate control can encourage household members and their guests to linger and relax. A tropical leaf ceiling fan that has multiple speed settings is a good choice if you live in a climate that experiences strong seasonal changes. A leaf fan that has several speed options will help you create a temperate mini-climate whether you need to fan away the heavy humidity of mid-July, or just want a little bit of extra breeze on a Spring afternoon.

A Leaf Fan With A Single Speed Setting
Leaf fans with a single setting are substantially more affordable than fans with many speeds, which means that you can get a higher-quality, more durable fan in your price range by opting for a single speed model. If you live in a warm climate where you expect to need a strong fan all through the year, you can save a pretty penny by making sure that you’re not paying for unnecessary features like an “extra low” setting. A tropical leaf ceiling fan that only has a high speed setting is less versatile than a ceiling fan with multiple speed choices, and will only be useful when you need serious cooling power, but depending on your budget and climate, a single speed setting may be all that you need from your tropical leaf ceiling fan.

Outdoor Fans And Style
Leaf style fans are very popular for outdoor use, and for areas like screened decks or windowed porches that serve as transitional spaces between inside and outside. In an area like a patio where a generic overhead fan would stand out as inappropriate, an overhead leaf fan with outdoor-grade blades can harmonize with the setting. If you want to add an extra kick of cool to an area while retaining the feel of the outdoors, a leaf style fan can offer you subtle climate control while adding an elegant visual accent. A tropical leaf ceiling fan can make your outdoor spaces more comfortable and temperate while pleasing your eye and your budget.

Indoor Fans And Style
A tropical leaf ceiling fan can help make any room feel more exotic and unique. The key to choosing the best leaf fan for an indoor space is knowing what size will be most appropriate. The right size leaf fan can make any room feel larger by drawing the eye upwards towards the ceiling. However, a large fan can actually make a small room feel even smaller. A low-hanging fan can make your space look crowded and cluttered, so when in doubt, choose a smaller fan. To make sure that you get the cooling power you need, choose a small fan with two motors so that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

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