Adopting a Siamese Cat

My husband and I decided to buy a cat before his business trip to San Francisco. We went to a pet store near our home that had cats for adoption. Upon entering the store, we spotted a big Siamese cat, among the other cats. My first Siamese cat was Tippy, who I owned at the age of five. So I have considerable affection for the Siamese Breed. We promptly told the attendant, at the cat adoption area that we wanted to see the Siamese cat.

When the attendant opened the cage, Chester put his paw on me in a friendly manner and his blue eyes were talking to me saying “Take me home!. Then suddenly a high mew came out of his big seal point body. I was hooked. Mike and I decided to adopt him. Promptly we bestowed the name of Chester on our new feline friend.. For the past three years, Chester has been a demanding but a delightful and loyal companion. My pet’s antics have been a source of amusement daily.

Chester rules the house with a mighty paw. This cat thinks he owns everytbing in the house. . In the kitchen: he sits on the dishwasher, his perch, we made out of boxes located in front of the window and a white chair positioned by our kitchen table. “Mr. Mighty ” likes to sit with us while we eat meals. In fact, vanilla ice cream is a treat that he prefers. . Many an evening my husband will take out an individual container of ice cream and pull off the lid. As soon as Chester hears this sound he comes running, sits in his chair and waits for Mike so he can lick the ice cream off the lid. Another trick in the kitchen that Chester performs is to stand upright, place his two paws on the lower cabinet doors and walk backwards.

Chester likes to sit in practically every chair in the living room. If I am not careful, he will even sit on the arm of the sofa and look at me in wonderment. His first preference is to sit in our worn-out but comfortable recliner. That is the chair I prefer. If I leave it he will promptly jump into it and make himself comfortable. When I sit in the recliner, you can find him in the big blue chair that matches our sofa. While watching T.V at night, a regular scene in our house is Mike on the sofa, I in the recliner and Chester in his chair near the big window in our house.

I have dubbed Chester ” He who explores the bathtub faucet”. When running the water to take a bath, he will climb on the edge of the tub and extend his front paws onto the faucet and look under it to see the water coming out. Chester loves to visit Mike in the morning when he washes his hair. He will jump on the toilet and view the water has is flows over Mike’s hair

My feline friend has discovered the drawers in the sink vanity in the bathroom. Particularly, the one that contains a big round cosmetic brush that he thinks is a toy. My husband spotted Chester opening the main sink vanity, so he could find the cosmetic brush in one of the drawers, using a side view. After spotting it he opened the lower drawer with his two front paws and retrieved it out of the drawer. When I noticed this, the cosmetic brush was placed in the top drawer of the sink vanity so he would not be able to play with it. I was wrong. When I came home, I found the top drawer open and the cosmetic brush on the hall rug.

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